Timeliness is not only a virtue, but a slice of the many factors that make up a brand, whether a personal or a corporate brand.

Every year, the month of February is just a couple of days shorter than other months of the year. It is not extraordinary, and everyone works around the shorter month to get things done.

I received an email from a publisher that the magazine has been delayed due to the “short” month of February and I would receive this magazine few days into March. While it is not particularly bad, it just seems amusing that the magazine cannot manage the publication reach subscribers in time.

Branding is not just about fancy advertising in print, broadcast, outdoors, or online. Branding is certainly not about a pretty logo or typography or the tomb of a corporate identity manual. Branding is the personality that we perceive when we examine and experience an interaction with this brand, whether the brand is an individual, or a corporate entity. Therefore, as personalities go, it is not just the exterior, but encompasses the interior and intrinsic qualities too.

An exterior packaging of a brand does not lend true personality, and if the exterior does not meld with an interior of the same personality, then customers will perceive that the brand has a shallow brand personality, or worse, a false personality.

Timeliness is one of the many factors surrounding the personality of a brand. Visual identity is part of a brand personality, but certainly goes way beyond that.

For example, if someone is a personal brand who is well packaged (i.e. dresses well), but presents a tardiness in keeping schedules and meetings and cannot get projects completed on time, whatever exterior identity will be greatly diminished over time. An even greater discrepancy is when a person have frequent troubles keeping work schedules, but may always arrive on time at the airport when departing for vacation. That would be an obvious sign of the person having no real interest or respect for the work.

Likewise, large organizations have more resources in terms of people, finances, technologies and redundancy, to make things work well and on time. Timeliness shows the respect an organization or individual extends to another entity.

When we help someone or an entity develop and implement branding, it is important for us, practitioners, to discern every possible interaction facet from the exterior to the interior of this entity, so that the brand can be developed in an authentic, holistic, expansive, and engaging manner that not merely entices a prospect or customer, but endears too.