Our lead consultants have more than 56 years of combined expertise in digital marketing, integrated marketing communication, PR, branding, strategic counsel, marketing management, event consulting, information technology (IT), network security, database management, content management systems (CMS), knowledge management systems (KMS), training and development, and more. We are geeks at heart, and love technology. Both lead consultants are also native Chinese speakers and writers, and can help clients in Mandarin/Chinese campaigns (both Traditional Chinese for Taiwan/HK and Simplified Chinese for China and Singapore markets).

Ter Hui Peng 戴慧萍
Director of Strategy
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25+ years in media and publishing industry. Hui Peng has worked in the media industry since 1991, having been regional manager for Asian Business Press (later Miller Freeman before renamed as CMP Media). She now leads the PR practice of McGallen & Bolden. She has deep industry experience in the entire spectrum of marketing, including high-tech marketing, Internet content management, publicity, public relations (PR), training and development, direct marketing, seminar and event management. She has consulted on retainer and projects for hundreds of high-tech, biotech, medical, consumer (FMCG), lifestyle, and other clients, including bestselling authors, leading branding and management consultants. She teaches media training camps and other publicity programs. She earned a Masters degree in Training and Development (Leicester). Co-author of DotZen, a business leadership book, with Seamus Phan.

Dr Seamus Phan 潘俊嘉博士
Head of Creative & Technology
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31+ years in marketing, technology, and business strategy. Pioneer technologist in digital media and publishing, content management systems (CMS), and web programming. Pioneer Service Quality (Customer Service) consultant and author. Authored books on technology, marketing, customer service, and TQM. His corporate and consulting background grew from leading entities such as Seagate, Citibank (Citigroup), Price Waterhouse (PWC), Ernst & Young (EY), and so on. He was an inductee of the 500 Profiles in Excellence and Barons 500 Leaders of the New Century, amongst the likes of Sir Arthur C Clarke, Bill Gates, Nobel Peace Prize winner President Kim Dae-Jung (Korea), artist Peter Gabriel, “Seven Years in Tibet” movie director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Cardinal Jan Peer Schotte (Sec-Gen of the World Synod of Bishops), etc. He is a journalist, has co-hosted international TV and radio segments, and written for top international and regional technical, business, health, ethics and branding media (see his current writings at Asia Times). He is an editorial judge (Tabbies). Featured as “Brainstormer” in Seth Godin’s “BullMarket 2004”. Member of National Speakers Association (USA, 10+ years), Public Relations Society of America (PRSA, member since 1997), Association for Talent Development (ATD), Chartered Institute of Journalists UK (MCIJ), etc. He earned a doctoral degree in Business (Total Quality Management) and also in Theology. He is a professor in the faculties of economic development and diplomacy at Akamai University. He had conducted graduate-level biotech research in the areas of autoxidation of food lipids and alternative antioxidants in his younger years. He is also an artist (Chinese painting, 水墨畫), and has an interest in aviation, having completed the A320 MCC/CRM bridging course and the B737-NG800 FTD course. His professional profile is found at seamusphan.com. Visit flightleaders.com for his aviation training programs with his co-developer Capt Michael Caston.

Seamus Phan, creative director and lead strategist of McGallen & Bolden Group, is a keynote and professional speaker since the 1980sSeamus Phan, aviation enthusiast, and trainer at flightleaders.com

photo_melissalee_bwMelissa Lee, Senior Associate

Melissa came from a banking background, with a bachelor’s in business marketing (SIM/RMIT). She is responsible for client consulting at the firm.

photo_nicoletan_bwNicole Andrea Tan, Associate

Nicole came from an advertising background, with a bachelor’s in mass communication and media studies (Curtin University). She is responsible for client consulting at the firm.


The principal consultants are assisted by a team of associates. External assistance can be added in specific client events, such as large-scale events, launches, foreign events, etc.

Bede Pangestu PhD, Consultant
Bede came from an industrial and finance/accounting background, with a degree in accountacy from NTU (Taiwan) and a graduate degree in the sciences. He has a certificate from Thong Chai Medical Institution in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He helps the firm with translation projects involving Chinese and Bahasa (Malay).

CJ Phan, Consultant
CJ is a law graduate from NUS (Singapore), and has decades of experience in retail and distribution and marketing. He helps the firm with creative and production ideas on retail, FMCG, merchandising and display creatives.


We maintain a professional network of partners in South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam), Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), North Asia (China, Hongkong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea), America, and Europe. For many of our clients, we also act as their regional lead agency, managing the communication and workflow with other partners in the Asia Pacific, freeing them from laborious coordination work, to focus on the most important thing – growing and staying profitable.

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