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Here is a sampling of healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and supplement companies we have worked with.

HST Medical

HST Medical is a Singapore-based health supplements company, with products such as Rheuma-Salve, ZooVites kids vitamins, and so on. The group also owns the Heritage TCM Clinic and Essentials Pharmacy. HST stands for “Higher, Stronger and Together”.
Services: PR, Marketing, Strategy, Training, Website
: 2017-now
Countries: International
Challenge: The group faced tremendous competition in a very heated ecosystem, and against an antiquated channel and distribution system. At the same time, brand recognition was very low. The brand has an ineffective website and a dismal Facebook page.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand and its products, in multi-channel 360 marketing, including PR (getting its spokespersons on broadcast, print and online), building a content blog, converging older websites into a new website with better SEO, at We launched the brand’s first outdoor advertising campaigns, including roadshows with an outdoor advertising company, and conceptualizing and launching the brand’s first bus-stop digital panel advertising campaigns. We also manage the brand’s Facebook page, curate and edit content for the page, and building a following to complement the new website. We helped the client strategize along the entire creative supply chain, including creating the new moniker “Higher, Stronger, Together” to stand for HST. We also helped the client manage social media, web, and PR communication during the COVID-19 crisis. As we progressed with the client, we managed to increase the annual revenue base to even greater than pre-COVID in 2022. The client’s management consult our team on various strategic initiatives as well, including partnerships and media relations with third-parties.

Web Hst


Worked with the leadership of the non-profit ABLE, a member of Caritas Singapore, the social mission arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore. The non-profit serves people with physical challenges and their caregivers with services such as rehabilitation, training, respite care, wheelchair-accessible transport, as well as a social enterprise that places employment for people with physical challenges.
Services: PR, Training
Period: 2019-now
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: In an environment where non-profits, with finite resources, need to reach as many people as possible to allow their services to benefit more people, it is challenging.
Successes: Helped the non-profit’s leadership become aware and prepared when facing the media, and become self-reliant in working and collaborating with the media. Communicated some of the key initiatives of the non-profit to the media, and resulted in various media coverage.

DTAP Clinic Group (Republic Healthcare)

DTAP Clinic Group (Republic Healthcare) is a unique Singapore medical group that is spreading its wings region-wide, with general practitioner (GP) plus services that include aesthetics, reproductive health, and anonymous HIV testing services. It is public listed in the HKSAR stock exchange.
Services: PR, Training
: 2019-2022
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The group needed a professional and dedicated team to assist its management team in public relations (PR) and provide media training and crisis preparedness for its team.
Successes: Since the start of working with the client, we helped the client secure major and mainstream media coverage on broadcast (TV and radio), print (newspapers and magazines), and online, including the COVID-19 crisis where credible medical information and insights are important. We trained the entire team of physicians and managers on media training and crisis preparedness. We also helped the team edit content written by their physicians for editorial requirements and readability.

HealthPlus (Parkway Health)

HealthPlus is a specialty medical content portal belonging to the Parkway Health Group (Mount Elizabeth Hospital), with useful medical information for everyone.
Services: PR, Marketing, Website
: 2017-2018
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Health portals are many, and health information has limited appeal to the mainstream media, syndication sites, and face very stringent restrictions.
Successes: Despite the many challenges, we managed to get very consistent results for the client. Managed many internal teambuilding and social events, including the setting up of a registration website for their events.


Galderma is a leading dermatological brand in the world. We served its B2B business in B2B and B2C PR, as well as offering our microsite and video documentary production services.
Services: PR, Marketing
: 2015
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: B2B PR for these products was challenging due to many regulatory restrictions placed on reaching out and advertising such products to the public, as well as some earlier issues prior to our engagement.
Successes: We took on the tough challenge of finding innovative ways of reaching out to the media through the production of a trackable microsite with professionally produced video documentary short films talking about various skin conditions and potential treatments and care from medical professionals. The footage were shot on Blackmagic Design professional cine cameras we own internally in our labs/studio, and then post-produced on Apple Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).


Worked with the leadership of the non-profit Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), to prepare the society’s executives and leaders when facing the media, with full suites of delivery materials. Recently delivered a pro-bono short film with some peers.
Services: Marketing, Training
: 2004, 2014
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: In an environment where being prepared in front of the media, especially broadcast (live), is paramount for an emerging non-profit at that time.
Successes: Helped the non-profit’s leadership become aware and prepared when facing the media, and become self-reliant in working and collaborating with the media. Creative direction, script-writing and post-production of a short film.

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