Your business needs experienced co-pilots.

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You are the captain of your business in a challenging climate. We have been helping many leaders of large and small businesses for the past 25 years, to build, to expand, to get known, to sell. 

Starting with WHY

McGallen & Bolden, an award-winning and tech-savvy full-service digital marketing, public relations, and training agency based in Singapore for over 25 years, exists to “make ideas work” for you throughout Asia Pacific.

We bring time-proven field experience to make sure ideas we propose will work for you, on budget, and on time. Communication should be holistic to encompass the troika (“three”) of a tightly integrated program of digital marketing (or inbound marketing), public relations, and internal communications (training), with a strong thread of technology as an enabler.


HOW do we help you?

Having been pioneers in desktop publishing, multimedia, digital video, interactive training, Web, and high-tech publicity, we bring the full arsenal of tools, techniques, and tactics to realize your communication and training goals. We are hands-on geeks who are happy to roll up our sleeves, solve your problems, and help you succeed.

WHAT do we do?

We have helped launch brands from scratch in Singapore and Asia, including many luminary brands from technology, manufacturing, fashion, lifestyle, institutions, and sports.

As your trusted agency, we can serve you confidently with our partners in the region, so that you can focus on building and growing your business. Our principals have collectively more than 55 years of field experience. You are in good hands.

Today, relying on earned media is no longer enough. You need to have a holistic media program of “earned”, “paid” and “owned” media. We can help you with ALL these.

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