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clients – consumer b2c

Here is a sampling of consumer clients we have worked with.


VillageSmith and Superheroes Inc are brand entities specializing in customized gifts, genuine 4-leaf clover souvenirs, and true laser engraving services. They are also licensed comic souvenir makers, such as mobile phone cases for iPhone®, Samsung® and others. We have assisted the companies in various parts of creative direction, graphic design and production, digital media, PR counsel, and more recently, with its revamp of its web and e-commerce presence.
Services: PR, Marketing, Strategy, Website
: 2006-now
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The retail front for gifts, souvenirs, and mobile phone accessories is very saturated, with many even offering similar products and services.
Successes: Since its early days, we have helped the company in various cost-effective creative print campaigns in mainstream media, event collaterals, point-of-sale (POS) print collaterals, including collaterals for overseas exhibitions. More recently, we have assisted the company in moving towards social media, interactive media, and e-commerce, to counter the challenges on the retail front and the need for consistent branding. The business has found good interest and purchases from overseas because of the digital transformation. Visit the web presence we designed, host, and maintain for the company, and its facebook.

Web Gemworks

K9 Kampong

K9 Kampong is an innovative dog behaviorial modification business with empathetic coaches to help dogs become closer to their keepers. We designed and host their website.
Services: Website
: 2016-now
Countries: Singapore

Web K9kampong


Anello is one of the iconic Japanese bag brands that has spread its wings across the world, and its first store opened at Jewel Changi Airport.
Services: PR
: 2019
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The brand was to open its first store at Jewel Changi Airport, which is located at the far eastern side of Singapore. Generally, journalists and influencers are not likely to venture to a far-flung location in Singapore for a media launch.
Successes: We helped the client with the media launch, inviting key journalists and influencers to attend the event, and also helped facilitate all the media interviews to ensure the mainstream and other journalists were properly taken care of, as the client’s spokespersons mainly spoke Japanese. The event was a resounding success and the Japanese headquarters commended our team for the great event and coverage.

FRED Technology

FRED Technology is the innovative startup in Singapore that created the first luxury smart mirror product, FRED Mirror.
Services: PR
: 2017
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Smart devices and IoT are prevalent and emerging at the same time, with lots of competition for the media and public attention.
Successes: We have helped the client garner tremendous media coverage around the region, with earnest and intelligent pitching, for its luxury smart mirror (first product), as well as its follow-on product, a desktop smart mirror.


Plantronics is a leading audio communications vendor for the enterprise and consumer markets today, providing Bluetooth™-enabled headsets, wired headsets, and other associated solutions for the office, for the SOHO, and for individuals. Separately, Altec Lansing is a producer of high fidelity audio equipment for music and entertainment, and was at one time, part of Plantronics. We have worked with Plantronics, and for a period, Altec Lansing as well, helping the clients reach out to the South East Asia markets. We continue to work with Plantronics today, providing full-spectrum PR and marcomm, media training, consumer and media events, social media, online web and e-commerce presence, and other additional services. We have helped Plantronics establish a strong foothold in the media, trade arena, and the public space.
Services: PR, Marketing, Strategy, Training, Website
: 2005-2017
Countries: ASEAN
Challenge: The wireless and wired headset market in the enterprise space is not often covered in the general media, while the consumer media is fiercely competed for by many consumer headsets.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand and its products comprehensively in Singapore and the region. We have tapped on a whole arsenal of PR, innovative and ground-breaking events, unique direct marketing ideas, social and mobile media, to help the client become one of the premium audio communication brands around. We have also helped the client establish online social media and e-commerce presence, as well as new video content delivery for the media. Some of the innovative events included media events out at sea, on hydro entertainment venues, regional themed launches, influencer (blogger) events, and live-streaming of media launches. We also developed an online ecommerce website during the relationship.


Zepp live music halls are famous in Japan as the go-to venues for musicians from around the world. Zepp@BIGBOX is the first Zepp hall outside of Japan.
Services: PR
: 2017
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Zepp as a brand is a virtual unkown in Singapore, even though it has a successful lineage in Japan in the music scene. Located in the west side of Singapore, which was not traditionally known for cultural venues and entertainment. There was also a time crunch due to the limited time to launch.
Successes: With the time crunch, we were able to help the client garner good media coverage, and also manage the hundreds of trade attendees from the music and entertainment industry (many of whom are from Japan). We managed the press conference to a roomful of journalists, and also orchestrated a “backstage tour” just for the journalists to explain every facility and equipment the Zepp live music hall has, and put together image and video assets for the launch.


SITEX is organized by the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) and managed by SingEx Exhibitions Pte Ltd. SITEX 2016 ran from 24 to 27 November 2016, at Singapore EXPO, Halls 5 and 6. We were appointed as project PR agency by SingEx.
Services: PR
: 2016
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: There is tremendous competition for IT-related consumer shows in Singapore, and with an ever-shrinking media pie, it was a challenge to garner as much local media coverage as desired by the client.
Successes: We have helped the client garner tremendous media coverage, and also great media attendance at the show as well. We got the client a national TV coverage in a multi-channel news segment, on highlights of the show.


ASICS is the leading sports footwear and apparel company, with a focus on serious sports science and product development. We provide the company with PR and media event services, and support their regional PR programs as well.
Services: PR, Training
: 2015-2016
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The sports footwear and apparel market is fiercely competitive, with the competition gearing for fashion more than utility and sports function.
Successes: We have helped the client strengthen its brand and products against the competition, through media relations, event support (sports lounge events, foreign sports event PR), store launch PR, professional video production, and so on.

Coast Cycles

Coast Cycles is a local Singapore bicycle brand, with bespoke bicycles designed by local bike designer Jansen Tan. Coast & Company is the showroom, workshop and mini-cafe, catering to the sales and demonstration of the Coast Cycles range of products and accessories. We helped launch the brand to the local media and influencers, as well as community groups through various events.
Services: PR, Marketing, Strategy
: 2014-2016
Countries: International
Challenge: The bicycle market in Singapore is very vibrant, and increasingly competitive.
Successes: We helped to launch the brand through local media, through earned media in print (dailies, magazines), broadcast, and online media, as well as reach out to community stakeholders and influencers (e.g. prominent bloggers). We also took care of its social media with content strategy and population. We helped the brand gain the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for its Quinn bicycle design in 2015. We also helped the client with its first debut at the Interbike 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, USA. We produced some professional event videos with professional cine and stabilized video cameras.

Sin Kwang Optical

First helped leading optical eyewear distributor Sin Kwang Optical break into the cinema advertising space, for their distributed eyewear brand Emporio Armani. Used AVID NLE (non-linear editor) to edit custom animations and then encoded for cinema advertising. We have served this comprehensive and established eyewear distributor reach out to the trade and mass media, through print, broadcast, online, social media, and events. Eyewear brands we work on include ELLE, Escada, Esprit, POLICE, Angry Birds, Charmant, Rodenstock, BALLY, David Yurman, Dunhill, Judith Leiber, Kata, LANVIN, Braun Buffel, Mercedes Benz, Porsche Design, Trussardi, Converse, Puma, and more.
Services: PR, Marketing, Strategy, Training, Website
: 1996-2014
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Reach out to general and vertical media, as well as the public, competing against other name brands in a rather crowded optical market space.
Successes: Helped the client break into the cinema advertising arena with a custom campaign that reached out to wide audiences at that time. We helped the client launch their consumer websites for the first time (, and also launched their social media presence. We also helped the client reach out to various mass media, high-end fashion media, broadcast, trade media, and the public, through a variety of publicity mechanics such as public relations, marketing communication, social media, hybrid mobile apps, etc. Also trained the executives on social media for business. We handed the websites and social media pages to the client successfully under their care.


Payless ShoeSource is one of the leading family footwear and accessories companies in USA, and came to Singapore in a big way. We worked with the company when it started in Singapore, providing full-spectrum public relations and marketing communication, media training, and other additional services. We have helped the brand establish successfully in the media and in the public space.
Services: PR, Marketing, Training
: 2011-2013
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The challenge is to establish the client’s brand against a backdrop of fierce footwear competition from strong local stalwarts and international brands, and a limited media space.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand of affordable lifestyle shoes and accessories, through innovative media launch events and fashion shows, storefront fashion shoots, social media, and other media outreach efforts.


Crocs is a recognized consumer footwear and apparel company in the world today. We worked with the company since its inception in Asia Pacific for a long period, providing full-spectrum public relations and marketing communication, media training, consumer and media events, and other additional services. We have helped Crocs establish a strong foothold in the media, in the trade arena, and in the public space, and even lending our core expertise and industry knowledge to enrich the client and its presence elsewhere.
Services: PR, Marketing, Training
: 2005-2013
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: From its inception as a unique boat shoe with a unique material, and a marketing budget spent on vertical media and PR, the brand needed a lot of persuasion to the media, especially the fashion media.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand and its products comprehensively in Singapore (and lending our expertise to the region), since its inception here. From the beginning, despite the onslaught of criticism and negativity against such a unique product, we were able to position the client very effectively and helped the client secure a successful inroad in the retail market. We have tapped on a whole arsenal of public relations, innovative and ground-breaking events, unique direct marketing ideas, outdoor advertising (bus advertising, taxi cab advertising, mass transit outdoor panel advertising, etc), given the constraints, and later on, social and mobile media, to help the client become one of the recognizable fashion and lifestyle footwear brands in Singapore. For many of the campaigns, we took it from concept, to every step of the process (including fashion model casting, photography, videography, styling, etc). We drew out the technical strengths of the materials of the footwear, the funky and unique look of its products, celebrity endorsements from USA, and so on. We also trained their top spokespersons for media interviews, and their regional chief executive was interviewed on the likes of top business TV channel CNBC for feature programs.


Swensen’s Restaurants are part of ABR Holdings Ltd, and include the likes of Gloria Jean Coffee and Earle Swensen’s. We provided full-spectrum PR and marketing communication, media training, media events, and other additional services, for Swensen’s restaurants, Oishi launch, Gloria Jean, and Earle Swensen’s. We have helped the restaurant chain establish a strong foothold in the media and the public space.
Services: PR, Marketing, Training
: 2004-2011
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Family and consumer F&B space is fiercely competitive, with the media space limited and the public loyalty fleeting.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand, its outlets and its presence, helping to solidify its image of a family-centric restaurant chain that caters to families, executives, dating couples, etc, while extending coverage and interest to its specialty outlets in gourmet coffee and higher end cuisine.

ThunderAsia Racing

ThunderAsia Racing is a racing team fronted by Singapore racer Melvin Choo. We worked with Melvin and his racing team, providing full-spectrum PR, media training, and other additional services. We have helped Melvin and his team reach out to the regional media circuits and the public mindshare.
Services: PR, Training
: 2009-2010
Countries: ASEAN
Challenge: Racing is a specialized sports that has its unique challenges and require an innate understanding of the field, sports media, etc. To build a personality from scratch in a vertical field requires a lot of creativity as well.
Successes: We have helped the client and his team brand ThunderAsia Racing with the Mosler race car throughout the region (especially in the SuperGT), with personality building and branding, media interviews, media events at the race circuits, etc.


Worked with the Human Resource Development (HRD) head at Eastman Kodak in Singapore to develop employees in sales, leadership, e-business areas, with full suites of delivery materials. We have core expertise in HRD and leadership development that puts us in a unique space compared to traditional communication firms.
Services: Training
: 2001
Countries: APAC
Challenge: Employee and leader development is a fast-changing arena and timely and relevant development programs need to be highly customized. We helped the client develop several training programs, from sales and marketing training programs, to e-commerce. The programs were delivered to the senior training leadership for their in-house customization and use.
Successes: Helped client develop innovative HRD programs for regional development, on subjects such as E-Business, Sales Management, Leadership, etc.

Mitsubishi Electric

We served the displays and dye-sublimation printers divisions of Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) in Singapore, for their publicity programs, in the 1990s. Today, the division is known a Mitsubishi Electric Visual Information Systems division. Other than helping Mitsubishi Electric in developing trade and consumer print advertising campaigns, we have also developed custom interactive and self-running demo apps for their trade events. We used Macromedia Director/Flash (Adobe) for many of the interactive displays.
Services: PR, Marketing, Website
: 1994-1997
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: MELCO was a specialized division specializing in high-end business products and did not then, enjoy the same level of public recognition.
Successes: Helped client establish the brand as high-end displays in a challenging market segment, since large-size displays were prohibitively expensive then, through public relations in the trade and general media, and through reaching out the trade and general audiences in specialized trade events. The client showcased successfully its industrial-grade displays and other computing peripherals throughout Singapore trade and mass market segments. We built a simple website for the client during 1996, the pioneer commercial Internet year.

Crystal Jade Restaurant

When the founders of the Crystal Jade Restaurant started in Cairnhill, Singapore, one of our founders helped with the creative direction and copywriting of many of its early advertising campaigns, from print advertisements in Chinese and English dailies, to radio campaigns in Chinese. We are proficient in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and is able to serve the restaurant’s founders.
Services: PR, Marketing
: 1994
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: An upstart restaurant with limited marketing resources, competing in a fierce, well-established market.
Successes: Helped client reach out to a saturated Chinese restaurant market in Singapore. The advertising campaigns were direct, targeted, and effective. Through reaching out to the media through public relations, we were able to persuade the media to experience the authentic Cantonese cuisine of the restaurant. The restaurant went on to become a successful restaurant chain with many restaurant outlets throughout Singapore.

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