Aurea Terras – the Asia Pacific PR Collective

We are part of Aurea Terras (“Golden Lands” in Latin) – the Asia Pacific PR Collective, as lead and chair.

Aurea Terras - the Asia Pacific PR collective

Top PR agencies serving the APAC, LATAM, MEA, and BRICS+

With 4.3 billion people in the Asia Pacific, nearly 670 million in the LATAM (Latin America and the Caribbean), and 3.3 billion in the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the newer BRICS+ (including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Ethiopia since late 2023), the world is now much more vibrant and multi-dimensional in trade and culture. The original BRICS nations overtook the G7 nations in GDP based on PPP (purchasing power parity) since 2020, making it an important market to explore and invest in.

These are the current BRIC+ nations (and growing soon):

We also act as your lead digital marketing and PR agency in Asia Pacific and the world, as a single and convenient point of contact and billing. We have a network of APAC and global communication partners so we can help you reach the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, North Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan), Australasia, Middle East, and LATAM:

  • Singapore
  • Australia/New Zealand
  • China (PRC, including Hongkong SAR)
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • LATAM (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, etc)
  • Malaysia
  • Middle East (Türkiye, UAE)
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan ROC
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam

Clients served around the world

We have served clients from Asia Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas, such as:

Why Aurea Terras?

Aurea Terras is Latin for “golden lands,” which was an ancient description of the Asia-Pacific region. We named our collective Aurea Terras to reflect the business potential and incredible opportunities that the Asia Pacific region represents. At the same time, we are a collective, which means that we are a loose alliance (collective) of independent communication agency partners, with equal standing to each other, providing our best professional expertise to clients in projects and especially retainer programs, for B2B and B2C clients. As a collective, we see each of our agency partners as an equal, much like King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, and we do not charge membership fees.

Real Leads and Clients for our Partners

We have a proven track record as the lead communication agency for our clients around the world, providing high quality, dedicated PR and digital marketing consultancy, and referring good clients to our agency partners throughout the Asia Pacific region.

As chair of the Aurea Terras collective, we believe that a collective or network is only worth its salt if we can deliver real leads and real clients to our agency partners. Since our inception as an agency, we have always needed partners to help with on-the-ground work (e.g. media launches, events, luncheons) in each of the Asia Pacific countries. Many of our agency partners have benefited from our referrals and have worked with our retained and project clients.

Referrals and Accountabilities

As an agency partner, we believe you should have exclusivity and first right of refusal on all referrals. Therefore, for any client that needs local work in your country, we will contact you first. If you do not have a competing client and are able to take on the work, and the client is agreeable, we will refer the work to you. Your responsibility will be to us as the lead agency to get as much media mileage for the client as possible, to facilitate the events on the ground, and to close with a comprehensive media report afterwards.

For many of the ASEAN countries, we believe there should only be one exclusive agency partner for the collective. For large regions such as China, we will start with one agency partner and allow clients to dictate if there should be more agency partners, as China is a colossal market with many large and emerging cities.





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