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events and launches

Impactful events, launches, and more

Events are a powerful tool for your holistic marketing program. There is nothing like a great event to engage your prospects and customers in person. Human beings crave for the personal touch, and a great, entertaining, fulfilling event can help you grow closer to your prospects and customers.

We have been Event Creative Directors leading and managing press launches, creative mega events, and themed events for clients since our inception. Some past events we conceptualized, directed, and managed include:

  • brand launch events
  • store launches
  • mall events
  • media conferences
  • yacht events
  • fashion shows
  • press tours (international)
  • game shows
  • conferences, seminars and symposiums
  • seminars
  • influencer engagement events
  • book launches
  • outdoor advertising programs

Sample Videos

Here are just some examples of unique press and customer events we have managed and created as agency and creative directors, to improve the awareness of our clients’ brands, products, and solutions. In a highly competitive market, launching your company, brand or product with just a news release is not sufficient nor effective. Rely on our extensive and field proven experience to help you create unique and memorable press and public events.

Here are some events we developed and led as creative directors:

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