We will share some tools that we think are great for business, communication and marketing. As much as possible, we will try to share Open Source Software (OSS), free or freemium tools. With OSS, it is inevitable that some developers will leave the scene and the code will become unmaintained. Please let us know if certain tools are no longer available. Thank you very much!


DeepL – translation of text and files

FutureTools – a directory of all things AI

Grammarly – grammar, spell check, punctuation, and write better

Krisp – remove background noise and echo from Zoom and other calls

App Directories

AlternativeTo – Find OSS and other software alternatives

Content Management

Basecamp – collaboration and project management (our G2 review)

Coveragebook – media coverage reporting platform (our G2 review)

Grav – lightweight flat file CMS

WordPress – popular content management system (CMS) to build websites (our G2 review)


OpenMapTiles – OpenStreetMap vector tiles for self-hosting

OpenStreetMap – community-driven maps

Media Production

Audacity – multi-track audio editor and recorder

DaVinci Resolve – non-linear editing (NLE), color grading, effects, and audio post

GIMP – opens source alternative to “Photoshop”

Seashore (simplified GIMP) – GIMP simplified just for Mac users


Built With – find out what technologies websites run on

Dmarcian – check the domain health of your website

Down for Everyone or Just Me – find out if a website is down

Whatsmydns – DNS tools such as domain age, DNS records, IP address


Cryptpad – E2E encrypted and open source office productivity suite

Hemingway – edit text for readability and clarity

Jami – audio and video calls, screen sharing, conferences like Zom

LibreOffice – Word, Excel & PowerPoint alternative

Lorem Ipsum – generate dummy text for mockups

Mailspring – email client

OnlyOffice – Word, Excel & PowerPoint alternative – secure and compliant collaboration like Slack

Smash – large file transfers

WPS Office – Word, Excel & PowerPoint alternative

Zettlr – MarkDown-based text editor