Here is a sampling of industrial and engineering clients we have worked with.

Schneider Electric

logo_selecSchneider Electric and its subsidiary APC are leaders in smart energy and data center solutions. We served the client in PR to the trade and mass media, trade events, media training, and marketing communication.
Period: 2007-2011
Services: PR, media training, trade events
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Energy conservation and data center topics are vertical trade topics that are typically passed over by the general and even some trade media.
Successes: We helped the client in the automation and energy managemnet market reach out to the trade and mass media, helping the client expand mindshare for what was perceived as highly technical and vertical solutions. We managed to get significant media turn-up at their trade events, with coverage in major dailies, and trade media.


logo_invenInvensys (acquired by Schneider Electric in 2014) was a noted factory and plant operation controls and automation company in the world. We provided full-spectrum PR, media training, events, and other additional services for the client.
Period: 2007-2008
Services: PR, Events, Media Training
Countries: South East Asia
Challenge: Factory-related technologies are often restricted to vertical media, without much public interest. At the same time, such technologies require great depth to explain to the general public and may be inaccessible to many people.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand, its solutions and its presence throughout the region, as the pre-eminent industrial automation leader, tapping on an arsenal of media relations, executive interviews, case studies, custom publishing, trade events, etc. For a specialized client like this, we were able to help the orgnization gain good quality media coverage in many media channels.


logo_intermecIntermec (acquired by Honeywell in 2014) was a leading vendor of enterprise supply chain hardware and software solutions. We served the client with full-spectrum services in PR, advertising management, marketing communication, trade events, etc. We have helped the client reach out to trade media and mass media, explaining challenging technical concepts and ideas and translating them into digestible ideas for the media and the public. We helped develop many customer case study papers for placements as well.
Period: 2006-2008
Services: PR, Marketing, Events, Advertising, Media Training
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Supply chain (logistics) solutions are often challenging to position in general media, and the technologies occupy vertical interest areas.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand, its solutions and its presence throughout the region, building steadily an image of rock-solid expertise in enterprise supply chain hardware (large-scale to mobile) and software solutions for the supply chain (logistics) market, that are positioned as applicable to all areas of life.

Pan Abrasives

logo_panaWorked with the General Management to develop and deliver a HR development program for its employees in service quality and customer service, with full suites of delivery materials. We have core expertise in HRD and leadership development that puts us in a unique space compared to traditional communication firms.
Period: 2000
Services: Human Resource Development (HRD)
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Service quality leadership is mandatory and challenging in a fiercely-competitive industrial field, and relevant development programs need to be highly customized.
Successes: Helped client develop a customized Service Quality and Customer Service HRD program, for training its entire organization with pre-delivery audit and post-training audit. The enlightened management of the client involved its entire organization to enhance customer service to its industrial customers.

OTIS Elevator

logo_otisWorked with the Human Resource Development (HRD) head of OTIS Elevator Singapore to develop employee development communication and training programs, including printed materials and interactive media (computer-based training or CBT). We have core expertise in HRD and leadership development that puts us in a unique space compared to traditional communication firms. OTIS Elevator is part of the multinational United Technologies Company.
Period: 1995
Services: Interactive Media, Human Resource Development (HRD)
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Instructional design is steeped in human factors and requires expertise and human-centric understanding to make learning both educational and engaging, as well as optimize learning retention.
Successes: Helped client develop innovative and successful HRD programs for regional leadership and employee development, with interactive media components to cement and enhance learning retention.

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