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We are pioneers and experts in serving these industries, so if you belong to one of these, you know who to call!

  • Cyber security (Internet security, network security, cloud security, mobile security)
  • Industrial automation and safety (including IoT, industrial controls, robotics)
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals (including hospitals, clinics, supplements, vitamins, skincare, beauty, medical, etc)
  • Audio-Visual (AV) and Video (including high fidelity or hi-fi, speakers, headphones, headsets, Bluetooth, conferencing, cameras, video cameras, etc)
  • Fashion and Footwear (including fashion, functional, sports, eyewear, etc)

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McGallen & Bolden Group - Making Ideas Work (trademark)
Award-winning Digital Marketing & PR Agency in Singapore and Asia Pacific

McGallen & Bolden Group - headquartered in AsiaAsia:

McGallen & Bolden Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road, #03-19, International Plaza SG (079903) Singapore
Tel: +65 3158 8688

McGallen & Bolden Group - rep presence in EUMcGallen & Bolden Group - rep presence in EUEurope:

McGallen & Bolden OÜ
Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia
Tel: +46102200738 (new phone number – Sweden)