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Different social media tools for different uses

How are you using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and so on? Do you use all the tools to show the same content, albeit packaged in different ways? Or would you rather exploit the benefits and strengths of each social media to the maximum?

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Have a communications fire drill?

All too often, we see companies reacting (sometimes badly) to crises with last minute communication plans and panicky spokespersons. Since no company can predict or prevent potential crises, what needs to be done?

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How to use Mobile Apps for Marketing

Recently, some marketing folks were interviewed in a magazine on why mobile apps did not get the thumbs up as a marketing tool. Some of the opinions of these folks include: (1) many apps are “me too”, (2) many apps are ads and sales-centric, (3) managers are measuring successes on downloads and monetization.

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Media as Ally

Many smaller businesses (and larger ones) tend to avoid the media like the plague, frequently resorting to “no comment” above all else. Not only do you alienate the media and risk bad publicity and eventual blackouts (i.e. the media will neglect you when you DO need publicity), you also give up the opportunity to create new partnerships and allies.

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