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Soaring above in a hot air balloon

Are you measuring your Communication Campaigns well?

I still see some clients asking for the antiquated AVE and a stack of media clips. It does take a lot of persuasion and education to empower clients to understand that a stack of media clips and a huge AVE do not mean any measure of public relations or communication success. And the landscape is fast evolving.

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Target readers with both long- and short-form content

Content is king, still is. The need for useful information is still there, although readers are increasingly bombarded with both textual and audio-visual content today. While the attention span of some readers may be short and require short-form writing, there are other readers who desire long-form writing. What should we do? Do both.

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Brute force hacking? No, be afraid of social engineering

Recently, a slew of security breaches were reported in mainstream and online media, of famous (and less famous) entities getting their online identities and web properties maliciously intruded upon. Should we sit up? You bet.

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