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Marketing and publicity are NOT synonymous with sales

Some young people have this notion that marketing is synonymous with sales, and imagine that having field sales experience “qualifies” them to work in marketing or publicity. Unfortunately, that is naive at best.


Marketing and seeing from a wide aperture

Clarity is not about everything in focus at the same time. It is about zooming in on what’s important and keeping that in focus. No one can see all things clearly at the same time.

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Optimizing paid, earned and owned media

As strategists and executives continue to hone their media usage from a largely paid media use, to an increasing spread of earned and owned media, what can marketers do to optimize their media spread in the paid, earned and owned spaces?


Chinese painting and what it means to marketing

I have been a trained Chinese painter since my teenage years, and increasingly, imho, there is some resonance between Chinese painting and the fields of branding and marketing. How?

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Analytics? Useful, but don’t go overboard

Every marketer or client seem to dive into analytics these days. But to what extent should we lean on analytics?


Fried rice and great marketing campaigns

The common Yangzhou fried rice is a staple in many Chinese restaurants and small eateries, and yet, within the seemingly simple dish embodies some of the greatest strengths of Chinese wok cooking. What has Yangzhou fried rice got to do with marketing?

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