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5 questions to gauge if your marketing team rocks

Every company that intends to grow and to solidify its brand has a marketing team (anywhere from one person or more). But how do you know if your marketing team are superstars?

Tree's deep roots - business longevity

Aging? Who cares, go for your dreams!

We face a graying population worldwide, and it is a global situation that cannot be swept aside. And yet, are we giving our attention to our elders?

porcelain kiln

Skilled potters and effective communication

If you have an important task, such as needing a spokesperson to evangelize your product, or a salesperson to close an important big sale, or a surgeon to operate on a life-threatening ailment, who would you choose?

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Publish or perish for careers and businesses

What kind of public presence does a person have, may very well determine just how much sought after this person may be in the near term and beyond. The landscape of job and opportunity hunting is rapidly changing.


Leadership tips from the field

I was flipping through magazines, and some of these thoughts flashed on my mind. True leaders may be gifted with exceptional qualities, but it is how they work collaboratively with their people that make great things happen.

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What kind of marketing people?

In almost any contemporary business, there is a need for a marketing team. It could be a team of one, or a large international team managing campaigns and programs in different languages, different marketing channels, to different audiences.

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