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Marketing and publicity are NOT synonymous with sales

Some young people have this notion that marketing is synonymous with sales, and imagine that having field sales experience “qualifies” them to work in marketing or publicity. Unfortunately, that is naive at best.

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Are you a maybe, or a has been?

Some individuals or institutions may sing praises about past glories and track records, but it may appear there is more persuasion to potential rather than historical successes.


Fried rice and great marketing campaigns

The common Yangzhou fried rice is a staple in many Chinese restaurants and small eateries, and yet, within the seemingly simple dish embodies some of the greatest strengths of Chinese wok cooking. What has Yangzhou fried rice got to do with marketing?

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Tenure and youth – there is no shortcut

I am a fan of the Mad Men series. I was watching an episode when lead character Don Draper scolded Peggy over her overzealous pursuit of recognition. It happens everyday in real life too. There is no shortcut to recognition if you lack experience.

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Don’t list out what you learned, show me

Recently, we received a lot of candidate submissions during a recruitment drive. One particular entry stood out. His CV had a long list of webinars and seminars he attended, literally more than 30.

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No one is an expert, but experience counts

Recently, a social media practitioner mentioned that no one is really an expert in social media. True, except that gray or white hair does matter in any industry, especially in marketing and branding.

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