Here is a sampling of hifi (high fidelity) audio and visual equipment clients we have worked with.


KEF is a hifi brand from the UK since 1961, which started from BBC UK audio engineering. It offers a broad range of ultra high resolution and high end audio products, intelligent audio products, and professionally designed consumer hifi audio products.
Period: 2017-now
Services: PR
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: There is tremendous competition for audio products, especially against major brands and stalwarts that have spent the last 20 years entrenched with mass market marketing and campaigns.
Successes: We have helped the client garner tremendous media coverage, and also tremendous media attendance at the media launch as well, when we launched the LS50W and Porsche Design range of KEF audio products.

Media Success (Mar-Apr 2017)
26 Coverage
1,780,000 Readership (Print)
1,210,000 Circulation (Print)
1,215,000 Est. Coverage Views
27,000,000 Online Readership
328 Social Shares
1,920,000 Social Reach
33 Avg. Domain Authority

FRED Technology

FRED Technology is the innovative startup in Singapore that created the first luxury smart mirror product, FRED Mirror.
Period: 2017-now
Services: PR
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Smart devices and IoT are prevalent and emerging at the same time, with lots of competition for the media and public attention.
Successes: We have helped the client garner tremendous media coverage around the region, with earnest and intelligent pitching, for its luxury smart mirror (first product), as well as its follow-on product, a desktop smart mirror.

Media Success
27 Coverage
547,000 Readership (Print)
741,000 Circulation (Print)
298,000 Est. Coverage Views
102,000,000 Online Readership
1,670 Social Shares
42 Avg. Domain Authority



Zepp@BIGBOX is a joint venture between Zepp Hall Network Inc. (Japan) and Singapore’s Big Box (part of TT International Ltd). Zepp live music halls are famous in Japan as the go-to venues for musicians from around the world. Zepp@BIGBOX is the first Zepp hall outside of Japan.
Period: 2017
Services: PR
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: Zepp as a brand is a virtual unkown in Singapore, even though it has a successful lineage in Japan in the music scene. Zepp@BIGBOX is located in the west side of Singapore, not traditionally known for cultural venues and entertainment. There was also a time crunch due to the limited time to launch.
Successes: With the time crunch, we were able to help the client garner good media coverage, and also manage the hundreds of trade attendees from the music and entertainment industry (many of whom are from Japan). We managed the press conference to a roomful of journalists, and also orchestrated a “backstage tour” just for the journalists to explain every facility and equipment the Zepp live music hall has, and put together image and video assets for the launch.


logo_pltPlantronics is a leading audio communications vendor for the enterprise and consumer markets today, providing Bluetooth™-enabled headsets, wired headsets, and other associated solutions for the office, for the SOHO, and for individuals. Separately, Altec Lansing is a producer of high fidelity audio equipment for music and entertainment, and was at one time, part of Plantronics. We have worked with Plantronics, and for a period, Altec Lansing as well, helping the clients reach out to the South East Asia markets. We continue to work with Plantronics today, providing full-spectrum PR and marcomm, media training, consumer and media events, social media, online web and e-commerce presence, and other additional services. We have helped Plantronics establish a strong foothold in the media, trade arena, and the public space.
Period: 2005-2017
Services: PR, Social Media, Marketing, Events, Advertising, Media Training, Video, Web, & E-commerce.
Countries: South East Asia
Challenge: The wireless and wired headset market in the enterprise space is not often covered in the general media, while the consumer media is fiercely competed for by many consumer headsets.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand and its products comprehensively in Singapore and the region. We have tapped on a whole arsenal of PR, innovative and ground-breaking events, unique direct marketing ideas, social and mobile media, to help the client become one of the premium audio communication brands around. We have also helped the client establish online social media and e-commerce presence, as well as new video content delivery for the media. Some of the innovative events included media events out at sea, on hydro entertainment venues, regional themed launches, influencer (blogger) events, and live-streaming of media launches. Visit the e-commerce website we designed, host, and maintain for the client.

Media Success Sample (BBG3+V5200 Launch)
27 Coverage
1,440,000 Circulation (Print)
863,000 Est. Coverage Views
34,000,000 Online Readership
4,700 Social Shares
41 Avg. Domain Authority


logo_nakamichiSigneo (Sprintcass) is the distributor for brands such as Soul and Nakamichi headphones and earphones. We have worked with Signeo to bring about awareness for the Soul and Nakamichi high-fidelity audio products since 2011. We provide full-spectrum public relations and marketing communication, media training, consumer and media events, and other additional services. We have helped Signeo establish the Soul and Nakamichi brands in the media and the public mindshare. We also help the client with other product publicity, including successful outreach of its Energizer mobile chargers.
Period: 2011-2016
Services: PR, Events, Social media, Media Training.
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: The stereophonic headphone and earphone market, as well as the mobile charger market, are fiercely competed for by many brands, and the client’s brands are new brands to the local market.
Successes: We have helped the client establish its brand and its products comprehensively in Singapore, against an established space of other leading brands. We have tapped on a whole arsenal of PR, innovative and ground-breaking events, to help the client become one of the premium portable audio brands around. We also manage and build the client’s social media presence for various products and brands.

Mitsubishi Electric

logo_mitsueWe served the displays and dye-sublimation printers divisions of Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) in Singapore, for their publicity programs, in the 1990s. Today, the division is known a Mitsubishi Electric Visual Information Systems division. Other than helping Mitsubishi Electric in developing trade and consumer print advertising campaigns, we have also developed custom interactive and self-running demo apps for their trade events. We used Macromedia Director/Flash (Adobe) for many of the interactive displays.
Period: 1994-1997
Services: Advertising, PR, Interactive Media
Countries: Singapore
Challenge: MELCO was a specialized division specializing in high-end business products and did not then, enjoy the same level of public recognition.
Successes: Helped client establish the brand as high-end displays in a challenging market segment, since large-size displays were prohibitively expensive then, through public relations in the trade and general media, and through reaching out the trade and general audiences in specialized trade events. The client showcased successfully its industrial-grade displays and other computing peripherals throughout Singapore trade and mass market segments.

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