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We are professional speakers, trainers, and mentors

While you communicate with the public through digital marketing and public relations (PR), you need an effective internal communication program to inspire your people, motivate them to sell and market, and manage challenges and crises well.

  • Leadership training (for corporations and aviation/airlines)
  • Sales training
  • Media Training (including crisis communication and preparedness)
  • Customer Service training
  • Curriculum development (including interactive video)

Media Training Primer™ (2 – 4 hours)

This is a succinct media training primer program for busy CXOs and executives. We will prep your leaders to be media savvy, and be ready for TV, radio, print, events, and online interviews. The short primer will end with a mock TV interview and critique.

  • Selling vs Telling
  • The Media’s agenda
  • Fundamental questions
  • Interview preparation (for print, online, TV/radio, events)
  • What to say and provide to the media
  • Interview dynamics
  • Working in tandem with the journalist
  • Difficult questions
  • Crisis management basics with CRM (from aviation and medicine)
  • Crisis communication basics
  • Mock interview and critique

IntrinSelling™ Primer – Sales Training (4 hours)

We have developed corporate sales training programs since the 1990s, for multinational corporations and emerging companies. The IntrinSelling™ Primer is your fastest route to sales effectiveness, developed and trained by our lead trainer Seamus Phan:

  • Can a 10-year old sell?
  • Mind over matter
  • Understanding the Behavior of Buying
  • Primary and Secondary buying desires
  • 3-step Sales Cycle
  • Credibility in the sales proceess
  • What is the Greatest Motivator?
  • Non-Verbal Communication in sales
  • Power of Mimicry
  • Types of Customers and the Lingo
  • Persuasion
  • 18-minute wonder
  • Case Studies (for custom training programs)

Servant Leadership for Airlines (4 hours)

In the airline industry, safety is paramount. With automation and methodical pilot training, things may be relegated to machines and checklists. But what happens when extraordinary and “out-of-scope” abnormal conditions challenge pilots in the flightdeck? Do they rise up to exemplary and extraordinary leadership? This revised and improved training program, based on our earlier work “What’s Next Leadership” and adapted for the airlines, with references to CRM, MCC, air safety, pilot selection and training, and pilot transition to leadership. The program is thought-provoking with the wisdom of the samurai and early kingdoms, from the works such as Hagakure, Gorinosho, and the Three Kingdoms. Read more at

  • The WHY of leadership
  • CRM and its effects
  • Pilot profile, assessment and selection
  • Psychological profile and competencies
  • Learning from the East (BRM™)
  • Historical Three Kingdoms and lessons to be learned
  • Leaders are warriors
  • Learning from 17th century classic Hagakure
  • Learning from 350-years old classic Gorinosho by Musashi
  • Power of mindfulness in leadership
  • Benevolent leadership that leapfrogs the ordinary
  • Footprint business card™

Seamus, our lead trainer, spoke in a TED-style talk at the recent APATS 2016 (Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium) in Singapore, based on our Leadership for Airlines program.

Seamus Phan, keynote speaker, APATS 2016 (Asia Pacific Training Symposium), Singapore

“The Human Factors session (the last session on Day 1) saw a nearly packed house held captive by Dr Seamus Phan of The McGallen & Bolden Group…;  that set the stage for Dr Seamus Phan to work magic with his delightful time travel presentation wherein he linked philosophies from Ancient China and Japan to Leadership lessons for modern-day aviation organisations.” (source: Sanjay Mahendrakumar Mukherjee)

Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet™ (4 hours)

Veteran airline pilot Capt Michael Caston and our lead trainer Seamus Phan, co-developed a workshop “Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet”. The workshop is highly experiential and hands-on, where CXOs, senior business leaders and managers, can be briefed on aviation best practices, and then apply these within a realistic B737NG flight simulator, instructed by real pilots, and then synergize and integrate these ideas into running their businesses more effectively and more profitably. Read more at

  • Presentation
  • Pre-Simulator Briefing
  • Simulator session (Crew of 4, for a total group of 16)
    • Pre-flight briefing (SOPs, checklists, briefings)
    • Flight from A to B (Choice of departure/destination, day/night/weather)
    • Engine start (Taxi, take-off, minor problem solving)
    • Cruise (Problem solving, decision-making, teamwork, threats, errors, automation, etc)
    • Descent (Passenger handling, landing scenarios, etc)
  • Q&A

Other programs

  • Custom training program development (leadership, customer service, sales, social media)
  • Coaching for presentations and speaking
  • PowerPoint/Keynote slide development
  • Recruitment needs analysis
  • Recruitment copywriting for advertisements
  • Field advertisements for you online on job boards or in print
  • Candidate personality profiling and analyses
  • Business plan writing

What makes us special

Our Spokesperson and Media Training programs are taught by veterans who have been TV and radio correspondents and journalists. Our media training programs are customized, with mock TV interviews and critique. Our training programs can be delivered in Singapore, or at any Asia Pacific locale you require.

We are seasoned corporate training and development specialists who have developed training programs since the 1980s for large and emerging corporations worldwide. We know human capital and people development. We can adapt your corporate crisis communication standard operating procedures (SOP) for local use, or help you develop one from scratch. We provide customized learning programs for your people in crisis communication. We also design and deliver internal communication and training programs in sales, marketing, business leadership, etc.

While some may imagine that in any organizational environment, it is only the frontline employees who are to be “trained”, we have long held the perspective that sustainable and growing corporations need to start with an enlightened top management who are empathetic to the needs of the people. Therefore, our expertise is in identifying corporate deficiencies such as business process flaws, internal communication lapses, and organizational discrepancies, to build customized and facilitated workshops to help top management (CEOs, vice presidents and directors) to better lead their teams. These facilitated programs can be half-day, full-day, or even whole-day brainstorming sessions of great energy. We are open to discuss with you.