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Creatividad e innovación: que el niño nos guíe

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What do the greatest minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Sir Isaac Newton, and many others, have in common - genius aside?

Estaba viendo a mi sobrino y sobrina de 5 años (son gemelos fraternos) ir tan animados sobre una simple peonza (y afortunadamente no sobre una tableta o juego de computadora). El niño hermoso en ambos sacó lo mejor de sus alegrías, y mucho más, gran parte de la creatividad optimista de ambos cuando aprenden, dibujan e incluso bailan.

Increasingly, we see structured learning programs designed for the very young, to the mature audiences in the workplace, that aim to conform and confine minds into pigeon holes. Yes, there are parallel streams that aim to delineate people, hopefully to bring out the innate brilliance in many people, but these programs are far fewer than many "mainstream" programs that pump lots of information into growing and working minds of today.

Y, sin embargo, hemos visto a través de los anales de la historia humana, que muchas de las mentes más brillantes que lograron poner sus pensamientos y corazones en acción, no son conformistas que fueron confinados y contorsionados en pequeñas ranuras y agujeros.

What we we see in these great minds, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Dr Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Sir Isaac Newton, and so many many others? Their brilliance is clear and well documented, whether archived in respected journals, engraved onto stone walls, or embedded deep into gears and machinery that power many things today. And more, what differentiates these brilliant minds from many others, is simply that they were willing to let the "child" take center-stage.

One great marketing mind, the late Mr Steve Jobs of Apple, Pixar and NeXT fame, once spoke to students at the prestigious Stanford University on June 12, 2005, to "mantente joven, mantente tonto". Those were powerful words that still resonate today.

The greatest minds start young. And that greatest minds remain young. There is no greater spring or fount of creativity and innovation than that of a naive, curious, and eager child-like mind, whether in a little child's body, or a much older one. Stay young, think positive, and the pearl of creativity and invention will grow within you.

Creatividad e innovación: que el niño nos guíe
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