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Securing Asia: How Cybersecurity Companies are Dominating the Market with B2B Public Relations

The Asia-Pacific region has become a hotbed for cyber incidents, as investments into cybersecurity may not be as deep and comprehensive compared to more developed states in the West. As threat actors worldwide gear up their assaults against businesses, often indiscriminately, this means that there is an urgent need for Asia businesses to also invest into resilient cybersecurity platforms and solutions. In ASEAN, this cybersecurity preparedness mindset is especially important, with fast growing states such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. For many cybersecurity vendors, one of the smartest decisions is to collaborate with experienced public relations agencies in this region to help grow their mindshare to engage potential clients into understanding and eventually investing in their offerings.

B2B PR for cybersecurity vendors

Amidst this landscape, the role of B2B public relations has emerged as a critical factor in the establishment and expansion of cybersecurity companies in the Asia Pacific region. Through strategic communication and relationship-building, public relations agencies have been instrumental in helping cybersecurity companies position themselves effectively in the market, particularly in response to the pressing need for cybersecurity solutions.

The significance of B2B public relations in the cybersecurity sector cannot be overstated, especially in the face of escalating cyber threats and the increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions across various industries in the Asia Pacific region. It is through effective public relations strategies that cybersecurity companies can navigate and thrive in this dynamic and challenging landscape, making substantial contributions to the overall cybersecurity market and mindshare in the region.

Helping cybersecurity vendors grow in Asia since the mid-1990s

McGallen & Bolden Group has been instrumental in providing comprehensive B2B and tech public relations in the Asia Pacific region for over three decades. This extensive experience has enabled the agency to become a prominent figure in the cybersecurity public relations landscape, catering to the specific needs of cybersecurity companies and helping them navigate the complex media and public space. Many of the agency’s cybersecurity clients are stalwarts in this space, and some have been successfully acquired by large vendors in the enterprise software and hardware space.

In addition to cybersecurity, McGallen & Bolden Group has also displayed its proficiency in serving clients in other sectors such as industrial B2B, healthcare, AI/ML, robotics and automation, audio-visual products, fashion, luxury products, food and hospitality, government, and non-profits. This diverse portfolio underscores the agency’s versatility and deep understanding of various industries, further reinforcing its standing as a key player in the cybersecurity PR domain.

Grow cybersecurity marketshare

To help cybersecurity clients grow in a culturally and linguistically diverse Asia Pacific, McGallen & Bolden provides strategic counsel, red-teaming to assess the client’s offerings in an increasingly saturated cybersecurity market, and assessing how best public relations and other marketing programs can complement the client’s business and profit goals. The agency is a 360 holistic communication agency, helping cybersecurity and industrial clients through more than just public relations, with editorial-style case studies and interviews, video content, media training, crisis communication preparation and training, and even employer branding through LinkedIn content creation.

Through a retained program over the long haul, the agency has helped many clients grow in Asia in mindshare and marketshare, with key clients usually working with the agency for many years, with the longest client staying for nearly 30 years.

2024 and smart marketing investments

With an uncertain global economic climate in 2024, cybersecurity vendors need to invest wisely, while keeping ahead of their saturated competition in Asia Pacific. Businesses that invest less, tends to fail against their competition who spend more. The key question is where and how cybersecurity businesses should spend their marketing budgets.

Paid media and events will continue to be part of the marketing investment equation for cybersecurity businesses. However, public relations will be an even more important investment as the mileage will be far greater while the investments will be modest compared to paid media and events. Cybersecurity businesses have consistently noticed just how public relations can help their business outreach in lead and demand generation, building and maintaining reputation, and strengthening relationships with clients and channel partners, especially in Asia Pacific where relationships are key to business continuity and success. The key decision is to work with the right PR agency in Asia Pacific with the right credentials in terms of relevant cybersecurity experience and knowledge.