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Digital marketing? It is just the baseline now

Digital is no longer the shining new toy in marketing. It has been around long enough. According to the Ambition Q3 2017 figures, there is a big demand for digital marketing expertise. This shows a maturing industry where digital marketing is creeping downwards, to be the new baseline.

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Dusk of the directory and dawn of a new social age?

The venerable Yahoo Directory will be retired at the end of 2014, bearing witness to a golden age that has come and gone. What do marketers do in a quickening of the new media age?

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Social media is not unidirectional advertising

How many business social media pages are truly relational and engaging? And yet, when we see successful social media pages, they tend to be pages that are not business pages. Why?

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Get coding, before obsolescence bites you

The break-neck speed of acquisitions today rival the heydays of the dotcom era, before the dotcom era crashed. While we dance with many social and mobile media technologies, we must also be prepared for the inevitable.

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Humility against meaningless feuds

People are ruled by emotions, no matter what we imagine. Emotions are fearsome beasts that we try our best to keep under control, but they do raise their heads now and then. We cannot allow them to become uncontrollable.

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Battle of Thermopylae and 7 productivity tips

Remember King Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartans? We too, hope to rally employee productivity, in the midst of the worsening economy and escalating competition. We present some ideas for a more productive team at the workplace.

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