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Unlimited revisions and the creative heartache

Recently, there was furore over a couple of companies which pressed for “unlimited revisions” in their creative briefs, which some media published and sparked lots of debate, especially in the creative industry. The good thing was that the companies revised their briefs and took away the “unlimited revisions” clause. Happy ending?

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Excellent quality and service are not accidents

Have you traveled on the metro and bullet trains in Japan before? Then you must have wondered why their trains are punctual, well-maintained, and consistent.


Heartwarming customer service

Customer service is really, really simple. Let me illustrate with a real-world example I just experienced with a filmmaking equipment vendor more than 8,000 kilometers away.

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Tech improves service?

Technology can seem to improve workflow and business processes, to reduce administrative overheads and errors. But do they improve customer service?

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3 great friends and the value of customer service

How often have we heard horror stories of lousy service providers? Plenty. But who were those customers who complained? Nobody can be at fault 100% of the time, with 100% of the blame, service provider, or customer alike. How then, can you get great business partners or service providers? Look into the mirror.

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Our new Dot Zen 2.0 book

The new Dot Zen 2.0 book is finally out! I was writing and exploring various management areas that are relevant to an owner-manager like myself, and perhaps many others like me, as well as departmental practitioners in larger corporations.

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