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4 tips for lead generation that don’t turn prospects off

I received this hilarious email today (among hundreds), touting some service I would never use, from a person I never knew. Worst of all, from a Seamus, I became a “Matthew”. LOL.

On LinkedIn, I get lots of InMails/emails from people who I have NEVER met or knew, and the first thing they did was to hard-sell to me. It is stated clearly on my LinkedIn profile that UNLESS we are acquainted, don’t sell.

wrong addressee in DM

So, what are some tips to get your lead generation at least sensibly working?

1) Client fit

If your prospect is unknown to you, don’t assume they will need you or your product. Most likely, they have NO need for your product. Find out more about your client, study their website, study their public staff profiles, engage them FIRST, communicate.

2) Product fit

So, let’s assume you got acquainted with someone, then do yourself a favor, assess your own products OBJECTIVELY before you consider pitching them to these new acquaintances.

3) Approach/Platform fit

I know some simply get a platform (liked LinkedIn) and do a “shotgun” approach and hope it works. It WON’T. Platforms may be useful for some targets, but not all. Depending on where you are, you may want to scale down your random mass mails or risk getting your domain/email blocked at destination. Again, form relationships first. Friends buy from friends most readily.

4) Size fit

What is the size of clothes you wear? An M? Do you assume every one out there wears an M? No, right? So, there is no “one size fits all”, if at all. Tailor your product, and that goes back to knowing your prospect first.

PS – At least get the name of your prospect right.