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2018 Greetings from our group!

A little best wishes from our group, written by our CTO Seamus.

Braving on a new year

A great many events, a fleeting year,
It seemed so hard to hold on to everything dear.

Did we pause? We did not.
Did we settle? We did not.
Did we forfeit? We did not.

A tumultuous world, a great many pains,
Ached our minds and hearts like raging blains.
We toiled and soldiered on relentlessly,
As sweat and tears flood our sights blurry.

And so the year winds down, just another year,
Dusting off our weariness, just a thin veneer.

Are we progressing? Yes we are.
Are we evolving? Yes we are.
Are we quickening? Yes we are.

The days ahead may seem foggy still,
We will wrestle them under our will.
Months ahead may seem all the more uncertain,
We will tame the unknown with spirits unshaken.
No matter what beasts come our way,
Every obstacle we will skillfully slay.

And so, a toast to you, dear friend,
May all good wishes upon you we commend,
And a double toast to you we say,
May every day forth be abundant buffet,
And a third toast we raise up high,
May every journey be filled with light.

warmest greetings,
McGallen & Bolden Group