Most people imagine a crisis to be a disaster, such as an oil spill, a plane crash, a collapsed architecture, disease outbreak causing death, etc. However, did you know that data/privacy leaks and cybersecurity lapses are the more prevalent crises? And with pandemics, companies can face new types of crises that lead to medai and reputation crises as well. This also means that ANY company needs to have a crisis management and communication program in place.

In today’s turbulent world where crises abound (trade wars, pandemics, conflicts, hyper-competition, etc), you need C2C©, the approach of “Crisis To Change”. Talk to us to help streamline, tweak, transform, your leadership and communication approaches to be better prepared for the new century.

C2C© - Crisis To Change (our transformation communicaiton and leadership services)

A good crisis communication program

A good crisis communication program must stand up to the toughest scenarios. The toughest scenarios are in an airline jet and a hospital. We adapted the best practices from the aviation industry, that of TEM (threat and error management), and CRM (crew resource management) into our program. We have experienced and learned first hand through MCC (multi-crew cooperation) and jet orientation courses, to understand how pilots handle stressful situations, challenges and emergencies, using checklists, procedures, and recovery methodologies. These best practices of CRM and TEM have also been adopted by the medical industry.

In a nutshell, what is in our Crisis Communication and Management Program?

  • What is a crisis?
  • TEM (Threat and Error Management)
    • Understanding Threats (latent and overt)
    • Threat and error response (mitigation)
  • CRM (crew resource management)
    • Environment
    • Pre-crisis plan and checklists
    • Role definition and workload distribution
    • Communication workflow
  • TRIM teamwork (Talk, Respect, Initiative, Monitor)
  • Crisis handling tips and secrets
  • Media Training
  • Mock TV interview (fictional crisis scenarios)
  • [Optional] Role-play crisis simulation (including social)

Media Training Primer™ (2 – 4 hours)

If you are not yet ready for a full-fledged Crisis Management and Communication Program, we have this training primer for you. This is a succinct media training primer program for busy CXOs and executives. We will prep your leaders to be media savvy, and be ready for TV, radio, print, events, and online interviews. The short primer will end with a mock TV interview and critique. Updated for 2020 with COVID-19 and similar situations.

  • Selling vs Telling
  • The Media’s agenda
  • Fundamental questions
  • Interview preparation (for print, online, TV/radio, events)
  • What to say and provide to the media
  • Interview dynamics
  • Working in tandem with the journalist
  • Difficult questions
  • Crisis management basics with CRM (from aviation and medicine)
  • Crisis communication basics
  • Mock interview and critique

What makes us special

Seasoned Human Capital Specialists

We are seasoned training and development specialists who have developed programs since the 1980s for large and emerging corporations worldwide. We know human capital and talent development.

Veteran Journalists (Print, TV & Radio)

Our Spokesperson and Media Training programs are taught by veterans who have been TV and radio correspondents and journalists. Our media training programs are customized, with mock TV interviews and critique.

Crisis Communicators from 1990s to now

Our principals have braved all the major storms for the past decades, and helped many clients managed communication through all these, including:

  • 1997, Asian Financial Crisis
  • 2000, Dotcom Bubble (Dotcom Crash)
  • 2003, SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome)
  • 2004, H5N1 aka “bird flu”
  • 2008, Global Financial Crisis & Global Recession
  • 2009, H1N1 flu pandemic
  • 2019, SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19)
  • 2020, Stock Market Crash (COVID-19)

Crisis Management from Aviation Methodologies

The crisis communication modules in our media training programs are also based on field-tested principles of airline pilots handling difficult situations (CRM, TEM, MCC, etc). We can adapt your corporate crisis communication standard operating procedures (SOP) for local use, or help you develop a customized program from scratch. We also design and deliver internal communication and training programs in sales, marketing, business leadership, etc.

Cybersecurity Practitioners since 1996

We know cybersecurity in the trenches, having worked with clients from the inception of the Internet and cybersecurity. We understand the problems and solutions of cybersecurity, including data breaches, privacy, changing trends, vulnerabilities, “shift left” software development and DevOps, and penetration testing. We are Web, e-commerce and cybersecurity practitioners and pioneers since 1996. We helped clients develop websites, SEO, microsites, e-commerce, and also take care of databases, sysadmin, and cybersecurity strategy and counsel. We have been on the frontlines of cybersecurity development, including co-developing our own Email Security Appliance on BSD UNIX (NetJanus). These experiences and expertise come in handy in helping you understand your crisis management and communication related to cybersecurity issues.

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