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Briefly: FEO before SEO – Website optimization for profit

Every digital marketer will talk about SEO (search engine optimization). But having consulted since the start of the commercial Internet in 1996 till now, one of the worst problems and often neglected has been OPTIMIZATION, specifically FEO (front-end optimization).

FEO essentialy means making your website fast, optimal, compressed, and lightweight to your users, so that (hopefully) they will not click away (known as “bounce”). This is especially important since the majority of users now browse websites on smartphones.

While this blog piece is CDN-centric by a CDN vendor, the premise is sound. You should:

  1. Optimise your IMAGES (make them as light as possible!)

  2. Compress your files (server-side, text and scripts)

  3. Reduce CODE (or do away with redundant code)

  4. Reduce HTTP requests (don’t sign up too many trackers)

  5. Yes, get a CDN if needed

If your business website is needing a technical overhaul to make your users happy (and not just pander to your visual whims), let us know.