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Announcement – separate Crisis Communication training program

Our Media Training programs included crisis communication and basic crisis management modules. But with the increasing sophistication of crisis communication, the introduction of ISO 22361:2022 standard and guidelines for crisis management, the rise of cybersecurity incidents as mainstream crises, we have created a separate and comprehensive Crisis Communications Primer program, with specific incident response for cybersecurity, checklists, and quick guides. Find out more on our Training page.

Get a glimpse of it on our YouTube channel:

Crisis communications Primer™ (3 – 4 hours)

A good crisis communication program must stand up to the toughest scenarios. The toughest scenarios are in an airline jet and a hospital. We adapted the best practices from the aviation industry, that of TEM (threat and error management), TRIM (Talk, Respect, Initiative & Monitor), and CRM (crew resource management) into our program. We bring experience from aviation MCC (multi-crew cooperation), to understand how pilots handle stressful and crisis situations, challenges and emergencies, using checklists, procedures, and recovery methodologies. These best practices have also been adopted by the medical industry.

This is a succinct crisis communications training primer program for busy CXOs and executives, and how it fits into the ISO 22361 world. We will prep your leaders to be media savvy, and be ready for TV, radio, and crisis media conferences. The half-day primer will end with a mock TV interview and critique. Updated in 2023 with COVID-19, trade and other conflicts, cybersecurity and privacy breaches, etc.

  • Crises 101 – types, media, and cybersecurity incidents
  • Crisis communications in an ISO 22361 world
  • Crisis management – learn from the experts (aviation)
  • Crisis handling tips
  • Key messages, truth, and apologies
  • Crisis communications HR checklist
  • Basic protocols (who to call and execute)
  • Holding statements
  • Interview preparation (broadcast and media conferences)
  • What to say and provide to the media
  • Interview dynamics & essentials
  • Difficult questions
  • Doorstop interviews
  • Media conference
  • Social media & dark social (e.g. Whatsapp) engagement
  • Mock TV interview and critique
  • Crisis communications guide

Our Media Training Primer is a great media training program for your C-suite executives. Catch a glimpse at: