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Are you in the AI, automation, industrial, healthcare, or cybersecurity business? Facing fierce competition? Going IPO? Looking to expand into the most profitable Asia Pacific market? Need digital marketing, lead generation, branding, and quality media coverage? We at McGallen & Bolden can help you, TODAY.

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McGallen & Bolden is an award-winning and leading strategy, digital marketing, crisis communication and PR agency in Asia, specializing in 360-degree holistic communications and strategic counsel for technology, healthcare, B2B and B2C clients. Based in Singapore, we have been serving clients in Asia Pacific and the world for over 30 years. We have helped build brands from the ground up, including luminary brands. Profit from the USD 35 trillion market from the 4.3 billion people in Asia Pacific with us today!

We received awards and accolades including: Most Innovative PR Agency (Bronze 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, Silver 2016), PR Agency of the Year (Bronze 2019, 2018, Silver 2017), Digital Firm of the Year (Honorable Mention 2017, 2016), Best Singapore PR Agency list (Manifest, Simibest, PRagencynetwork, Best in SG, Sortlist), and Top Training Firms in Singapore (2021).

“Communication is at the very core of our society. That’s what makes us human.”
Jan Koum, founder, WhatsApp

1. Your brand & business challenges now

  • Need Asia Pacific media coverage
  • Established brand facing a plateau
  • Emerging business looking for customers and investors
  • Unknown brand and products
  • Technical products that are hard to explain
  • Need strategic and tactical advice

2. What we can do for you throughout Asia Pacific

  • Public Relations (PR, content, TV/radio, events)
  • Digital Marketing (LinkedIn, video, AI, social, blog)
  • Coaching & mentoring (media coaching, crisis communication, leadership, sales)
  • Employer branding (LinkedIn, blog, newsletters)
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O.) role for startups and B2B business units

3. How we help

  • Strategic business counsel and red teaming
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O.) role
  • Digital PR & communication
  • Digital marketing
  • News release writing & distribution
  • Rapid Response (RR) and pro-active pitching of your stories to the media
  • Media coverage tracking (data-backed, Barcelona 3.0 ready)
  • Content creation (text, audio, video, social)
  • Media coaching, and crisis communication for C-suite
  • Media and competitor research
  • Press tours & events

4. Benefits of working with us

  • More than 30 years in the communications business
  • Key strategists with decades of PR, marketing & business experience
  • Asia Pacific network
  • BIG PR agency and consulting firm results at boutique firm retainer fees


“Your work had been so amazing even our headquarters complimented the PR penetration rate of our news in Asia!”
APAC marketing lead, EU industrial client

“Thanks for sharing really enlightening and eye-opening ideas, along with stunning results. We said this multiple times, but it bears repeating: the results out of your regionn were quite impressive. A job well done!”
PR lead, US cybersecurity client

“Wow, great work! That is why I call you boss, boss (thumbs up)!”
Marketing lead, healthcare client

“Your firm gave us unquestionable support throughout the pandemic, so we like to give your team recognition, with a goodwill bonus.”
General manager, health products client

“Thank you for the great support!”
APAC marketing lead, EU automation client

5. Engage us today!

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31 years in PR & Communication

28 years in Digital

28 years in Webdev

31 years in HRD

28 years – longest client

Established since the early 1990s, McGallen & Bolden Group is one of the longest independent marketing and PR agencies in Asia Pacific. You get real, field-proven B2B PR and B2C PR and digital marketing knowledge and expertise. We are insiders as pioneering marketers, technologists, coders, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, and salespeople. We know your challenges and how to solve them. We integrate Public Relations (PR), digital marketing, social media, SEO/SEM, events, employer branding and internal communications, including the latest technologies such as AI, for the most effective communications. Actions, not mere words.

And in a crisis? Whether it’s a cybersecurity or data breach, a workplace death, a financial scandal, or a pandemic, you need steady hands who have weathered every major crisis from the 1990s to today to work closely with you to formulate crisis communication and management programs and media coaching for your C-suite.

We also help your C-suite reach their LinkedIn audience. This complements our employer branding work, where we work with companies on both internal and external communications to bring the best of those companies to their employees.

We serve B2B, Cybersecurity, AI, Automation and Healthcare in Asia Pacific

We are pioneers and experts in serving these industries, so if you belong to one of these, you know who to call!

  • Cyber security (Internet security, network security, cloud security, mobile security)
  • Industrial automation and safety (IoT, industrial controls, robotics)
  • AI/ML/SaaS (Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, automation)
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals (hospitals, clinics, supplements, skincare, beauty, etc)
  • Audio-Visual (AV) and Video (hi-fi, speakers, headsets, conferencing, cameras, etc)
  • Fashion and Footwear (fashion, functional, sports, eyewear, etc)
  • Food and Beverage (restaurants, entertainment, etc)

We have served clients from Asia Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas, such as:

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