Here are some updates and news about our firm.

April 2017
Bronze Stevie® Winner – Most Innovative PR Agency

We have won the Bronze Award for “Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year” at the prestigious Stevie® Awards Asia Pacific 2017. Thank you!

November 2016
Honorable Mention – Digital PR Firm of the Year

We are privileged to be awarded an Honorable Mention under the “Digital PR Firm of the Year” for the PR News’ Digital PR Awards 2016. See other winners and honorable mentions here.

October 2016
Finalist – Digital PR Firm of the Year

We are privileged to be named as a Finalist under the “Digital PR Firm of the Year” for the PR News’ Digital PR Awards 2016.

September 2016 – Leadership Training for Aviation

We have launched our new training initiative, aimed at providing Leadership Training for the Aviation industry, at We are providing an all NEW Customized Decision Making Training Program with interactive video scenarios and role-plays. See a short demo of the interactive program here.

April 2016
Silver Stevie® Winner – Most Innovative PR Agency

We have won the Silver Award for “Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year” at the prestigious Stevie® Awards Asia Pacific 2016. Thank you!

Judges comments include:

– Very solid team and company indeed.

–  Excellent use of technology and video.

February 2016
IntrinSelling™ Primer – Sales Training Workshops

We have developed corporate sales training programs since the 1990s, for multinational corporations and emerging companies alike. If your company needs a quick primer to inspire your salespeople, the IntrinSelling™ Primer is your fastest route to sales effectiveness, developed and trained by our lead trainer Seamus Phan:

– Understanding the Behavior of Buying

– Primal (Primary) versus Learned (Secondary) buying desires

– 3-step Sales Cycle

– Building credibility in a sales process

– What is the Greatest Motivator?

– Non-Verbal Communication in sales

– Power of Mimicry

– 3 Types of Customers and the Lingo

– Case Studies

November 2015
“Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet” Workshops

Retired veteran airline Captain Michael Caston and our lead trainer Seamus Phan co-developed the corporate training program titled “Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet”. The workshop is highly experiential and hands-on, where CXOs, senior business leaders and managers, can be briefed on aviation best practices, and then apply these within the B737NG flight simulator, instructed by real pilots, and then synergize and integrate these time and field-proven ideas back at running their businesses, more effectively and more profitably. Visit!

June 2015
RAGAN’s PR Daily Awards 2015 – Honorable Mention

We are named as Honorable Mention in the category “Best Online Newsroom” for our See the winner Coca-Cola and other finalists here.

May 2015
RAGAN’s PR Daily Awards 2015 – Finalist

We are named as a Finalist in the category “Best Online Newsroom” for our See the finalists here.

April 2015
Stevie® Awards Asia Pacific 2015 – Bronze Award

We have won the Bronze Award at the prestigious Stevie® Awards Asia Pacific 2015, under the category “Best Industry Websites”. The last time we seriously participated in awards was 2003, as the Intelligent20 Finalist for our technological innovation. Thank you folks!

December 2014
Integrated Owned, Earned and Paid Media Programs

We have progressed steadily to provide an integrated media program for all clients (new and old), that moves beyond mere “earned” media (e.g. media coverage), to embrace an integrated owned media, earned media, and paid media, to give you the most effective brand and market voice and outreach. Stop chasing just media clips and advertising equivalence, and pursue a sustainable brand and market voice. Contact us today!

November 2014
Shorty Awards Entry

Our news and PR outreach platform,, has entered into the “B2B” and “Small Agency” categories of the prestigious Industry and Agency Shorty Awards, which honors brands and agencies on social media. Wish us luck!

November 2014
Holmes Report Playbook

Our firm is listed on the Holmes Report Playbook. The Holmes Report is by the Holmes Group, focusing on the international Public Relations scene, with research, summits, reports, and awards.

September 2014
Dot Zen 2.0 Book Launched

Dot Zen 2.0 – On Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Public Relations, Human Capital & Leadership, authored by our lead creative and strategist Seamus Phan, is a business management primer based on field experience of Seamus Phan and contributions from Ter Hui Peng. This book is an extension to the original Dot Zen book published in 2003. This book carries more insights and experience on leadership, human capital, branding, customer service, sales, marketing, public relations, social media, mobile apps, and interactive multimedia, with a focus on field-tested experience and tactics. This is targeted at small business owners, business executives, and marketers who want to build their brands in the marketplace. Visit our Books page to order.

June 2014
Dissolution of McGallen & Bolden PR Corporation (USA)

As the global markets begin to shift to the East, there is a greater emphasis for focusing our team’s efforts in helping our clients grow in the Asia Pacific region. In line with our change in strategic direction for the long-term, we have dissolved our long-running U.S. entity, McGallen & Bolden PR Corporation. Book publishing efforts will temporarily be shifted to our local office until further notice. Our regional rep office will now be McGallen & Bolden Ltd (UK).

May 2014
McGallen & Bolden Ltd (UK) Incorporated

We identify that the greater Europe region, including the European Union (EU), Russia, etc, will eventually see greater importance in trade and business. Therefore, we incorporated McGallen & Bolden Ltd (UK), to support our long-term goals.

Oct 2008
McGallen & Bolden Incorporated in Singapore

We dissolved our partnership in Singapore after more than 14 years, and incorporated as a Private Limited (corporation) in Singapore in 2008, preparing the firm for more commercial and business opportunities.

Dec 2005
McGallen & Bolden USA moved to Nevada

We moved our USA corporation from Delaware to Nevada.

Apr 2004
McGallen & Bolden expanded Book Distribution to Australia and Malaysia

With the launch of our business book “Dot Zen” and health and fitness book “This Body This Life“, we expanded our book distribution through distribution partners to Malaysia and Australia.

Dec 2003
Our first Business and Marketing Leadership book launched

We launched our first business and marketing leadership book – Dot Zen, co-authored by principals Dr Seamus Phan and Ter Hui Peng, sharing our experiences in marketing, branding, public relations, technology adoption, entrepreneurship, knowledge management, and so on.

Jan 2003
McGallen & Bolden Singapore – Intelligent20 Finalist

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, a leading business technology magazine, ran an awards for the most intelligent use of technology in businesses. We were selected as a Finalist in the Intelligent20 Awards, for our adoption of Mac OS X and custom in-house developed apps.

Apr 2002
Dissolution of McGallen & Bolden in Ireland

The Irish corporation was retired and dissolved, and pending work and development were distributed to our Singapore office and the USA entity.

Nov 1999
McGallen & Bolden Incorporated in USA

As the Internet became progressively vibrant from the USA, we incorporated then in Delaware, in preparation for future Internet and content development.

June 1998 (to 2004)
Mail Server Security Development On BSD/Linux

Together with our long-time technology partner in Australia, we started exploring the development of a custom Sendmail mail server module to block out malicious attachments (this eventually became our BSD-based NetJanus project for a while). Our first mail servers were run on Cobalt Qube (which was later acquired by Sun Microsystems), running a modified Red Hat Linux. The last prototype ready for commercial deployment was in the year 2004.

Jun 1998
Launch of our first Java Applet

As a pioneering Web developer, we developed with our Russian partner in Novosibirsk, our first Java applet for the Web. Known as JAEM (Java Applet Expanded Menu, or you could call it “Just Another Expanded Menu”), the applet provided a drop-down menu feature for the rather primitive Web then, when CSS and Javascript were non-existent.

Pioneer in Internet Consulting

We became one of Singapore’s pioneers in Internet consulting, when the Internet was opened to commercial entities (it was only used by the government and the academia before that). We offered web design and web hosting to local clients, including government, industrial, tech, and others.

Foray into Public Relations and Training

We migrated from graphic design and advertising, to becoming McGallen & Bolden, a partnership offering public relations and corporate training consultancy.

Start of our firm

We started in 1991 as ab initio, a design consultancy, serving the high-tech industry.