Are you a coder? Are you a content speedster? Are you a video native? Do you speak 3 or more languages? Write to us on the contact form below with a brief introduction, and point us to your blog, video, portfolio, LinkedIn, etc., and what opportunities you are seeking.

Associates – Singapore (Contract)

Our agency is suitable for the Singapore citizen or permanent resident who enjoys working in a varied, encouraging, and challenging small firm. You are entrepreneurial, fast and efficient, willing to work hard, self-directed, communicative, pleasant, team-player, and genuine. Candidates with website design, mobile app development, coding, videography and post-production, tertiary education, effectively bilingual in English and Chinese (written and spoken), third or fourth language skills (e.g. Russian, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, and other European languages), will fare better.

Associates – International (Project/Freelance)

We are happy to grow a team of international associates on a per-gig or retained basis, depending on your skillsets and capabilities. We are looking specifically for B2B and tech specialists with field experience (not “account servicing” on your CV). Must be bilingual in written and spoken communication – English and your native language. Candidates should have extensive media contacts in B2B, broadcast (TV and radio), and online media. Experience in website design, coding, video and post-production experience preferred.

Temp, Interns & Video Talents

We do look for temps for events and interns (Singapore citizens or permanent residents only). You are an upstart video blogger (vlog) on YouTube and/or Facebook, make great conversations and speak excellent English. Talk to us.


Please send only ONCE. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. For permanent positions in Singapore, only Singaporean and Permanent Residents will be considered. Interns are paid a nominal allowance as independent subcontractors. You consent to our fair use when you enter your details for us to communicate with you and evaluate your suitability.

Candidates with websites, portfolios, YouTube channels preferred.
Candidates with LinkedIn preferred.

Skills Self-assessment

Range your skills and knowledge as honestly as you can. The criteria below are listed based on the IMPORTANCE of our needs (most important on top). We will test you on-site should you be shortlisted.

1 (poor or none) > 5 (excellent)


NOTE: ALL who work with us are independent “at-will” subontractors (contract FOR service) and are NOT employees or authorized representatives. As such, they are NOT authorized to represent the firm for any commercial/legal matter.