Temp Event jobs and Internships

We do look for temporary staffers for client and media events occasionally (Singapore citizens or permanent residents only with bilingual proficiency in English and Chinese). If you like to intern with us, you can apply as well. We are always happy to receive your applications and may chat with you if necessary. This is a subcontractor (contract FOR service) requirement. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Write to us on the contact form below with a brief introduction, and point us to your blog, video blog, portfolio website, etc.

(subcontractor “contract FOR service”)

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, like to work in a varied, encouraging, and challenging small firm, this might be suitable for you. It does require an entrepreneurial mentality and a willingness to embrace difficult challenges and hard work. We keep a small and tight outfit, so candidates we are keen to talk with, would preferably have tertiary education, be effectively bilingual in English and Chinese (written and spoken), communicative, pleasant, genuine, dedicated, and hardworking when it comes to administrative tasks and client deadlines. Additional language skills (must be both written and spoken), such as Japanese, Korean, German, French, Swedish, Russian will be preferential. As PR has evolved in the recent years, please note that candidates with a strong web development, digital marketing (not just posting on Facebook, but developing campaigns and all image/video assets), videography, and mobile app development skills will be preferred.

What this is NOT – We are a small firm, which means if you are looking for a job to sit or laze around, or wait for task assignments, or busy texting or chatting online with your friends, this role is NOT suitable for you. This is a fast-paced, tech-centric, continuous learning environment. The good thing is – we do try to work decent hours. We have a life too.

NOTE: ALL associates that work with us are independent “at-will” subontractors in legal status, and are NOT employees or authorized representatives. As such, they are NOT authorized in any way, at any time, to represent the firm for any commercial or legal matter. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Video Talents for
YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Some of our clients may have needs for upstart video bloggers (vlog) to try out their gadgets and products. These are the initial requirements:

  • Familiar with using your smartphone or your own webcam;
  • Able to set up a YouTube channel on your own;
  • Conversational, pleasant, and good communication skills in English;

If you are keen, just apply on the form below and include your YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram video feed, so that we can check out your videos. We will get back to you for an audition if we find you suitable.



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Please send this only once. Our server will delete ALL entries when duplicate entries are detected. For Permanent positions with our firm, we regret that we accept ONLY Singaporean and Permanent Resident applications. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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