Video Production and Gallery

Mevo Facebook Live livestreaming camera systemWe are pioneers in digital video since the 1990s. We can help you go “live” with Facebook Live, or web livestreaming (Teradek). We produce news and documentary-style on-demand video, to reach out to your customers. These videos can be embedded on your social platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn), mobile apps, and websites. We keep professional HD video and audio/broadcast gear to produce Video News Releases (VNRs) and Audio News Releases (ANRs) for you:

  • Mevo Facebook Livestreaming camera system
  • Teradek wireless livestreaming encoders
  • Blackmagic Design BMPCC system & rigs (documentary/films)
  • Olympus OMD & Panasonic GH system (for events, interviews)
  • Fujifilm X-camera system (for events and stills)
  • Edelkrone & Zacuto professional video rigs and accessories
  • Audio-Technica wireless and RODE microphone systems
  • Atomos recorders

Sample Videos We Created

Just a sample of some videos we produced in the course of client work. Check with us for many offline video work we have done:


Event Gallery

Here are just some examples of unique press and customer events we have managed and created, to improve the awareness of our clients’ brands, products, and solutions. In a highly competitive market, launching your company, brand or product with just a news release is not sufficient nor effective. Rely on our extensive and field proven experience to help you create unique and memorable press and public events.

Sample Videos (as Creative Directors)

Here are some events we developed and led as creative directors (videos courtesy: Graphiss)