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flying on a jet plane, passenger, flight, global citizen

Should you only hunt for a PR agency when a crisis hits you?

In the Guardian, it was reported that the Hong Kong government failed to secure a PR agency in its tender, with 4 PR agencies immediately declining, and 4 declining later on. These were all large or global PR agencies.

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20180814 McGallen & Bolden - award-winning agency for public relations (PR), digital marketing, and leadership training.

McGallen & Bolden Group Wins Bronze in 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for “Most Innovative PR Agency of the Year”

Singapore, April 22, 2019 – McGallen & Bolden Group ( was named the winner of the Bronze Stevie® Award in the “Most Innovative Public Relations Agency of the Year” category in the sixth annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards today.

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flying on a jet plane, passenger, flight, global citizen

Generation flux – From full-time to hybrid staffing models

Some young friends started hunting for jobs after graduation, and noticed that there seem to be more and more part-time or contract jobs, rather than outright full-time offerings. They are of course worried.

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flying on a jet plane, passenger, flight, global citizen

Greetings for 2019

Have you labored through 2018,
And found it went all too vapid and fast?
Have you made a resolution or two,
And found them waft all away like dust?

Have you ran past myriad hurdles,
And found your chinked armor thickening?
Have you slayed many demons,
And found your success ever more blazing?

Have you slowed down now and then,
And found yourself and many whom you love?
Have you stood firm and dug your heels,
And found friends and even foes lifted you above?

Have you wondered of the year ahead,
And found countless doubts and questions?
Have you wondered what you hope for,
And found blessings like gold that glistens?

So it is our wishes for you my friend,
That past battles be stripes on your shoulder,
And on all the roads and valleys you travel,
Be the wisdom and peace your life find anchor.

A blessed New Year ahead!

Leadership Secrets at 30,000 Feet training programs

2 Leadership Secrets from the Flight Deck

Have you noticed how frequently “accidents” occur on local highways? There are at least two reasons why – or the lack of these two reasons. Likewise, many leadership crashes happen because of the same two missing reasons.

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Soaring above in a hot air balloon

3 timeless business lessons from George Michael’s “Freedom! 90” song

The 1990s were golden years, where I worked for some amazing multinational giants from banking to audit, and life was skyrocketing. Music and the arts were simpler, happier, brighter.

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