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Move of EU phone number

(UPDATED on July 7, 2022) We have moved our Estonian phone number to Sweden.


6 tips on writing News Releases that work

Contrary to belief, the news release is not dead. In fact, in Asia Pacific, the news release is STILL one of the most considered communication materials for the media. Cision’s Global State of the Media Report 2021 concurred that 78% of journalists prefer news releases and announcements compared to other content types. In Asia Pacific, the news release is still seen as an authoritative information source that is ranked higher than bylines and commentaries. So, what would make a useful news release that may find more traction with the media?

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5 Tips on working with Asia Pacific Media

If you are trying to gain ink or screen with a media in Asia Pacific, the BEST way is to work with the experts – PR agencies which do this for a living day in, day out, and thoroughly battle-tested.


Future of Marketing may not be about personalization

I have a special love for making things work and then selling them. My first entrepreneurship journey began when I was 10 (circa 1974). That was also the first time I became a marketer.

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Communication – Cultural sensitivity and subtlety

Movies (reel life) are a reflection of real life. Often, the theme of movies were inspired by real life stories. So, as PR practitioners and communicators, learning the cultural sensitivities and subtleties are very important.

McGallen & Bolden Asia moves office

Asia, January 1, 2022 – McGallen & Bolden’s Asia office has moved to a new integrated location at International Plaza. The firm now features a space for livestreaming, video production, podcasting, and product and gadget reviews.

The Asia address is now at: 10 Anson Road, #03-19, International Plaza, Singapore 079903.

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