In life, especially on the road of making a living, is winning everything? What then, is most important in the journey of life, including that of making a living?

I was walking back to the office after a cup of coffee in the afternoon, and a middle-aged man wearing a black t-shirt walked in front of me. His t-shirt had a bold message – “winning is everything”.

That phrase reverberated in my head for quite a while, right up to this minute I am writing this short piece. I kept thinking, is winning really everything?

To some, winning others at a race in life is everything, or so they think. To these individuals, the outcome is more important than the journey. Never mind if the journey was exciting, educational, inspirational, and even fun. To these individuals, they may not care if the means to the outcome, that is, winning, would cause ravaging scars on others along the path, or upon themselves.

The question then is, is winning at all costs worth it at the end?

I do not think so.

If winning is the sole purpose in a person’s life, such a journey would entail a disregard for all others along the path, if these people do not assist this person in achieving the win he demands and desires. If winning is all this person cares for, then ruthlessness, greed, and apathy, must somehow escalate because every “win” will always be at the expense of others, and will only become hardened as every “win” will only spur this person to desire even more “wins”, or “greater wins”. Will it end? How will it end? At what costs?

Conversely, many of the greatest achievers did not believe winning would mean everything. Their purpose in life was to challenge themselves, to create, to invent, to innovate, to exalt others, and to live life itself.

And what an inspiration living would be if one chases after the celebration of learning, the celebration of every turn and journey, and the celebration of life itself. Every breath we take then, would seem to lighten our footsteps, and bring light to our sights.

To me, winning is not everything, and may mean nothing much to me at all. At best, maybe winning can be little decorations along my journey of life, mere markers, and soon forgotten. Life goes on, and to me, living, is everything.