In almost any contemporary business, there is a need for a marketing team. It could be a team of one, or a large international team managing campaigns and programs in different languages, different marketing channels, to different audiences.

In the social media world we live in today, it is no longer sufficient for marketing executives to be talking about print and broadcast campaigns. Executives are looking for marketing people with the courage, the creativity, the knowledge, and the field-tested experience to put together marketing programs and campaigns that drive the brand message to print, broadcast, and digital (in the fullest sense of the word).

Marketers must have courage, especially the courage to dream big, to dream far ahead in the future, and to dream boldly. In the world of “me too” products and services, what differentiates one company from the next is mindshare of the customers.

Marketers need creativity to kickstart the company’s brand, products and services forward. Marketers may not and often should not be the actual people doing graphic designs or video editing (even if some actual knowledge helps in bridging project management), but should have the creativity to dream up dramatic, attractive and viral campaigns, especially now on the social media scene.

Marketers need knowledge, and not just bits and pieces, or even volumes of raw data. Raw data is useless for marketing until they are properly distilled into usable knowledge the marketer and his corporate team can use to succeed in the marketplace and win customers. This also means a good marketer cannot be in a cocoon with no outside knowledge. He should be one who is a voracious reader who devours information quickly, efficiently, and productively. Think like a shark.

Marketers need real experience. It is easy for someone to dream big and dream fancy, but can such ideas be actually deployed? For example, having huge, gigabyte-sized image files for print use is a sure way of telling us that real experience in print production is missing. Likewise, not optimizing video down to digestible sizes for streaming on the Internet implies a lack of hands-on knowledge about the mechanics of video formats, usable sizes, and Internet delivery. Therefore, again, read widely, try frequently, and gain actual usable experience that can streamline your marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness with the least deployment challenges.

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