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Anyone can claim to design a website. We have been designing and hosting websites since commercial Internet first began in Singapore, in 1996. We have been running the precursor of the Internet, the BBS (bulletin board system) servers since the early 1990s. We are web and app developers since the beginning, and are familiar with the tenets of Internet security to help your website stay online.

Our websites are fast, secure, have good SEO (search engine optimization), and highly optimized graphics. Our videos are hosted on our video hosting platforms for good on-demand streaming. We are also great content developers to help you with good quality blogs for improving your website’s SEO further. We also help our clients set up CDNs (content delivery network) to push the speed even faster, helping you achieve good PageSpeed and YSlow scores that measure how optimized your website is for performance. A fast website not only helps your website get found, but help visitors STAY and RETURN to your website. Many websites fail because they are slow, have huge graphics that take forever to load, and turning away visitors.

While most professional website design firms charge high fees (you can use this calculator as a gauge), we pride ourselves as professionals with a heart. We will always work with you so that you get a website that is fast, secure and mobile-friendly, and remain within a decent budget.

Get your brand found today with a good quality website today! And if you need to sell products, we can help you set up an ecommerce site too!

Need Website, Hosting & SEO?

We love working with committed clients. If you are serious about getting a website that works and can be found, contact us.

Please use your office email address (and not personal emails such as yahoo, gmail, etc).
If you have an existing website, but need help to improve it, or develop from scratch, let us have a look at it.
SEO (search engine optimization) & SEM (search engine marketing) are services that help get your website found by visitors through proper, accepted means. Blogs are important to improve your website SEO.
Initial pages of content (500 words max per page). 5 pages are included for free.
How many graphics you need to be included in your initial website (include photos, illustrations, diagrams, logos, etc). The more graphics the more initial work is needed with costs.
Do you need a shopping cart (Paypal) so visitors can buy products from you?

Optional items:

Does visitors need to login to your website?
Do you need visitors to leave reviews or ratings?
Do you want visitors to be able to search your website with a "search" function?
Do you need a blog for your website (increases SEO)?