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Time spent on analytics vs field marketing

Marketing is part science and part art. Some marketers may be trapped by the endless loop of statistics and analytics, some by choice, some by compulsion, and some others by pressure. But how much time and effort is enough, and how much is too much?

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Branding and the Art of Truth

In the geopolitical buildup we see in the news lately, one shiny example has emerged – that truth lasts longer as the tool to build a brand, rather than mere oratory skills or even deception.

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Branding basics

When truth is told, it is exactly that – the truth. No amount of slamming against it will make it go away, nor would it be less of a truth. Conversely, a lie told in a hundred different “beautiful” ways will remain just a lie, and even if you can con a hundred people, your lie will eventually be exposed. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful medium, and in the age of the instant Internet, word-of-mouth advertising through email or online forums can damage your brand reputation instantly, IF you lie.

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Crisis Management basics

When things go right, publicity and PR are seen as unimportant. When things go wrong, people “delegate” communication immediately to the PR folks, shirking any responsibility and accountability. Invariably, without sufficient information on hand, the poor PR folks fail to communicate effectively with the media and the public, and the image and reputation of the company goes down the drain.

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