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Happy New Year!


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Celebrate perseverance, not just meteoric rises

The rise of “reality TV” has rallied some people to cheer meteoric rises, whether to fame, to wealth, or even the drastic and unhealthy means to slim down. But should we?

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Success comes through the long-form

How many times have we seen success? How does it look like? Is it something that can be achieved overnight AND sustainable?


Right fit for retail sales?

Working in a retail outlet is never easy, especially in the harsh economic climate we experience today. And yet, having an exemplary service attitude is mandatory for the survival of not only the retail outlet, but the career of the retail salesperson as well.

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Think startup, always

Every company goes through one of either scenarios: (1) go belly up, or (2) become successful. If a company goes under, that’s the end of the story for that company. If a company becomes successful, again, it goes throgh one of either scenarios: (a) remain successful for a long time, or (b) lose sight of success after some time and decays to oblivion.

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