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Storytelling from Bobette Buster’s perspective

This is an almost pocket-sized book, and is a quick and easy read. Bobette Buster is a renowned storytelling consultant and lecturer, and shares her personal perspectives into storytelling.

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Forget social networking – just meet and chat

The rise of social media has become epidemic that those who love it, obsess over it relentlessly at the expense of other matters, and those who hate it, shy away religiously. And yet, will social networks replace real human relationships in business? No.


Wrestling control or staying afar

Is it wise to imagine that we can always wrestle control from others to serve our objectives, or should we discern who we should be close to?

martial arts

Humility against meaningless feuds

People are ruled by emotions, no matter what we imagine. Emotions are fearsome beasts that we try our best to keep under control, but they do raise their heads now and then. We cannot allow them to become uncontrollable.


Obsolete matchsticks and context

Remember Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The little girl with the matchsticks (Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne)”? Would children of tomorrow still know the context of this story?

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Presentation basics

Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer, is known for his charismatic delivery of powerful and high-impact presentations that typically captivates and entices customers and audiences.

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