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Why every startup needs PR, agency or in-house

There has been incessant talk by some myopic practitioners that startups do not need PR (public relations) at all, much less an agency. However, is that practical, realistic, or beneficial?

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Swamped with your own chaos? Beat it with discipline

Greg McKeown in his book “The Disciplined Pursuit of Less“, described that there are 2 kinds of people, essentialists, and nonessentialists. Terminologies aside, the notion that some people are distill their thoughts and actions down with focus and discipline, while most others drown in their own chaotic and undisciplined thoughts and actions, is the age-old and persistent reality we face. This is especially true today where many people delusionally believe they can “multitask” in the age of smart devices.

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Think startup, always

Every company goes through one of either scenarios: (1) go belly up, or (2) become successful. If a company goes under, that’s the end of the story for that company. If a company becomes successful, again, it goes throgh one of either scenarios: (a) remain successful for a long time, or (b) lose sight of success after some time and decays to oblivion.

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