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Don’t let fake profiles rip off your campaigns

Social media campaigns, especially contests, may sometimes attract users that have no value to your business or brand, and may even reduce visibility to real would-be customers.

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Publish or perish for careers and businesses

What kind of public presence does a person have, may very well determine just how much sought after this person may be in the near term and beyond. The landscape of job and opportunity hunting is rapidly changing.

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Quality content for Web, social and mobile

Despite what you may have heard, good Web and social media presence is still about having quality content that people want to know about. Focus on content, and less on tricks.

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Human Resource management and social media

I remember in the great economic depression of the 1980s, after I came out from serving national service in the army, I was a school dropout with no tertiary institution to go to, and hungry looking for a job. Today, the recruitment scene is decidedly different. For one, I hardly see job applications in the mail as much, or at all.

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