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Your remuneration – expenses vs contribution

All too often, there are two sides to the employment equation – employers, and employees. There will always be a tussle weighing remuneration against contribution, and perception versus reality.

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My top 10 apps for PR and Communication

Everyone loves lists, and having seen some lists of recommended mobile apps for PR practitioners out there, I offer some of my own, apps I actually use as a social media and PR consultant.

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Is fear the reason for social media adoption?

Any adoption of technology or marketing tactics should be founded on sound reasoning and projected returns on investment. What drives your social media adoption?


Less static, more moving sights and sounds

Public relations and communication are at the crossroads for many practitioners, with the avalanche of social media and mobile apps beating down conventional communication channels for a slice of the pie, if not the whole pie sometimes. What should practitioners do?

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Blogging as part of your social media strategy

According to an insightful article in Inc. Magazine (April 2012 issue), business blogging is in decline (from 2010 to 2011), compared to the slow but steady growth of businesses on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Public Relations? No, much more!

One of the largest PR firms renamed to make clear that it manages much more than Public Relations, and includes digital communications. That is necessary and wise.

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