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Grooming authentic salespeople

Good salespeople are not about aggression and ruthlessness. Truly great salespeople have unique qualities that endear them to customers and their companies alike. What makes salespeople great?


The sales and service blackhole

The best customer service is often found when you are not a big customer, when the obvious financial returns to the salesperson seems to be small and uncertain. Have you ever felt as if you are getting sucked into blackhole when talking to some salespeople?


Right fit for retail sales?

Working in a retail outlet is never easy, especially in the harsh economic climate we experience today. And yet, having an exemplary service attitude is mandatory for the survival of not only the retail outlet, but the career of the retail salesperson as well.

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Direct Marketing basics

Although above-the-line print and broadcast advertising can be glamorous and remembered, it is the humble direct mail marketing that sometimes brings the profits home. However, direct mail can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are not organized and strategic.

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