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Respect the rights of authors

Imagine the mild surprise when you find not one, but a long laundry list of your articles copied, and stripped of credit mention.

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In life and work, wait your turn and earn it

At work and in life, all too often we hear some people who demand that they get what they desire, and they want it their way, at their time. But the truth is, how many actually deserve what they desire?

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Are you a maybe, or a has been?

Some individuals or institutions may sing praises about past glories and track records, but it may appear there is more persuasion to potential rather than historical successes.


What are you really offering a corporate sponsor?

Every other day, we get bombarded with a request for sponsorship from a student somewhere, for our clients or our firm. However, rather than simply asking for something, what is it you are really offering a sponsor?


The dilemma of filling a position

What is your stance of filling a position in your company? Getting a person you really need and want? Or fill the position and hope for the best?

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Harassment is NOT good salesmanship

Have you stepped into a store and find sales assistants tagging behind you asking “can I help you” and not allowing you to shop in peace? Or have you gone online and have people stalking you and hoping there will be a business relationship?

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