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Fadeout of traditional word processing

How often have we used office productivity software these days? For many of us, less and less often. There is a move from traditional document processing in monolithic applications to collaborative document processing.

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Communicating Product or Service Obsolescence

What happens when you suddenly find a familiar product or service terminated or decommissioned? Besides a sense of loss, what does it remind us of in business or marketing continuity?

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My top 10 apps for PR and Communication

Everyone loves lists, and having seen some lists of recommended mobile apps for PR practitioners out there, I offer some of my own, apps I actually use as a social media and PR consultant.


Our new Dot Zen 2.0 book

The new Dot Zen 2.0 book is finally out! I was writing and exploring various management areas that are relevant to an owner-manager like myself, and perhaps many others like me, as well as departmental practitioners in larger corporations.

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3 ways to owning content like the big shops

Every now and then, there are news about competing offerings from the big contenders – such as between Amazon, Apple, and Google. What does it mean for businesses big and small?

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Quality content for Web, social and mobile

Despite what you may have heard, good Web and social media presence is still about having quality content that people want to know about. Focus on content, and less on tricks.

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