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Actionable social media audiences?

In the age of social media, numbers may seem seductive. But the reality is that on any marketing medium, we are seeking actionable fans and real customers, not mere numbers.

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Social Media: Experiment or Strategy?

Social media is all the rage these days. At every cafe, every turn of the corner, in college, on the bus, practically anywhere, you can find someone on social media, tapping away on their smartphone or a tablet.

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No immutable law

We hear about management “gurus” proclaiming that there are immutable laws of fields of business. However, nature dictates that there is no fixed and permanent “laws”. Even the established, highly logical, and much researched fields of physics and mathematics, often have new findings that dispute or negate earlier findings. Every day is a new exciting day for physicists, astronomers, and mathematicians, who can discover new ground, and break old laws.

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