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football game

Talent management – biting divas or team players?

Recently, the world media was abuzz about a certain footballer who bit another on the soccer field, and seemed to have gotten away with it. After all, he has done that a couple of times before, and was never permanently barred from playing professionally (i.e. getting big paychecks).

porcelain kiln

Grooming authentic salespeople

Good salespeople are not about aggression and ruthlessness. Truly great salespeople have unique qualities that endear them to customers and their companies alike. What makes salespeople great?


Met a Doppelgänger? We may not be unique.

Have you met someone who looks just like you? Just like our ideas are not that unique most of the time, despite our own pride. What do we do despite having fierce and similar competition?

Japanese tea ceremony

Apprenticeship and the mastery of life

All too often, some of us who are leaders, face young people with haughty idealism. What can young people learn from the 85-year old Jiro Ono, master sushi chef?

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Abrasive energy or benign diplomacy?

If you are looking for a candidate at your department or company, would you prefer a candidate with raw energy, or someone with tactfulness and EQ?


Leadership tips from the field

I was flipping through magazines, and some of these thoughts flashed on my mind. True leaders may be gifted with exceptional qualities, but it is how they work collaboratively with their people that make great things happen.

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