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cash and funding

Your business runs on more than just aesthetics

Often, sometimes what we think we need, is just a subjective desire that has no bearing on reality or our real business needs. What then, is the fuel that powers and propels a business for the long haul?

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Tech improves service?

Technology can seem to improve workflow and business processes, to reduce administrative overheads and errors. But do they improve customer service?

coffee cups

I need a cartridge, not a new printer

What happens when your frontline employees are completely ignorant of your products, and are only capable of sprouting nonsense? What do you do as a business owner?

coffee cups

Stalking your consumers in a shop – don’t

Have you been to a shop where the retail assistants would tail you around the shop, so much so that you end up walking out of the shop really fast?

Mobile phone - make your business mobile

Customer service and social media – Think back-end first

Some recent marketers were commenting that social media can be a compelling means to gain more customers through good customer service. However, the devil is in the details.

fire extinguisher

Have a communications fire drill?

All too often, we see companies reacting (sometimes badly) to crises with last minute communication plans and panicky spokespersons. Since no company can predict or prevent potential crises, what needs to be done?

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