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Leadership – empathy is a super power

Empathy is the key to great leadership. Nobody likes dictators or autocrats at the workplace or elsewhere. Can you imagine working for one who only expects you to say “yes”? Can you imagine working for one who won’t listen to you? Here is a personal account of a good empathetic manager I have worked with in several jobs. It is in Chinese (traditional scipt).

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Running the marathon against the COVID-19 crisis

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COVID-19 has begun to look more like COVID-20, as it dominates and fuels much of the conversations on the mainstream media and social media as well. To you and I, leaders and business owners alike, this situation is unpleasant and leaves many unknowns. But some things are certain.


See that young man helping someone? Recruit him!

What is the single most important attribute I would look for in an employee, contractor, or partner? No, it is not ambition, or even talent. It is something much closer to my heart.

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