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Chinese painting and what it means to marketing

I have been a trained Chinese painter since my teenage years, and increasingly, imho, there is some resonance between Chinese painting and the fields of branding and marketing. How?

Mobile phone - make your business mobile

Short messages that backfire sometimes

Have you been on the receiving end of the ills of short messaging? Can short replies convey the nuances and meaning of what we hope to communicate? Do we owe it to the recipients to explain ourselves in sufficient detail, even if it demands more from us?

porcelain kiln

Carpe diem, and not just your career

The water heater switch malfunctioned, and we needed an electrician to fix it. We found one and I took a morning off to wait for him. He turned out to be a most interesting individual I shared a good conversation with, while he switched out the damaged switch for the new one.

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