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Leadership – empathy is a super power

Empathy is the key to great leadership. Nobody likes dictators or autocrats at the workplace or elsewhere. Can you imagine working for one who only expects you to say “yes”? Can you imagine working for one who won’t listen to you? Here is a personal account of a good empathetic manager I have worked with in several jobs. It is in Chinese (traditional scipt).

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7 tips for young job seekers

I have been there once, in the 1980s, facing the worst economic recession, with no credentials, no experience, and little skills. What should a newly minted graduate job seeker do to boost possibilities today?

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Carpe diem, and not just your career

The water heater switch malfunctioned, and we needed an electrician to fix it. We found one and I took a morning off to wait for him. He turned out to be a most interesting individual I shared a good conversation with, while he switched out the damaged switch for the new one.